1 out of a million

Talia lost her family. They forgot her. She had a brother Louis. A family adopted her, the Styles family. What happens when Talia gets invited on tour with them by Harry. Will she find her long lost her brother and maybe love?

Aimee the unicorn out :)


1. Long Lost

"PANG" thunder hit the house. I was only 4 so I started crying. My brother Louis (twin) calmed me "It'll be alright Talia!" Our parents burst in the room "Are you guys OK? Come! Fastly!" I grabbed Louis's hand and ran. "BANG!" ow...

*at hospital :D*

Where am I? I looked around. I'm in hospital! "Miss." a nurse tapped me. "Your family forgot who you are!" WHAT!!!!!!! I jumped out of the bed and went to Louis, "Louis?" "Who are you? Mummy, Daddy who is she?" Louis asked. "I'm not sure darling." I started crying. Then they just left. My own family left me...


*16 years later*

Well now Im 20!

I was adopted by the Styles family when I was 5. They are super nice! My brother Harry is know world famous! He's in One Direction. Harry and I are really close. We are around the same age. I finished school and I might go on tour with Harry!! I'm so exited. I hope I'm allowed. Harry is asking the manager today! I've kindove met the boys. I don't really know them. Theres a boy in stripes who looks familiar. Like my real brother. My real brother and family are long lost and gone forever due to the indecent that happened when i was 4. "Ring Ring" oh Harry ringing me on Skype. "Hey Hazzy!" I said "Hello Talia! Whats up?" "The sky idiot!" I answered while chewing on a carrot. I LOVE CARROTS! "Haha very funny." Harry said in a sarcastic  voice. 4 boys showed up on the video. Oh it's his band. "HELLO IM LOUIS! WHO ARE YOU?" Louis screamed "I'M TALIA AND I LIKE CARROTS!" I shouted back. I started munching on my carrot again. The boys intrudeced themselves. "Are you Harry sister?" asked Liam. "A bit. Hes family adopted me when i was 5 coz thunder struck my house when i was 4, yadadayada then i was in hospitel and they forghot me" I answered. "Did you have any siblings?" asked Niall "Umm. Yeh I had a twin brother name Louis! Oh haha same name! We where twins. Both 4" "How old are you?" "20" "Where are you born? When?" God they asked a lot of Qs, "I was born  December 24 1991 in Doncaster." All the boys where gobsmaked. Why. "TALIA!!! SOMEONES HERE FOR YOU!" mums shouted. "COMING! Bye guys! Love ay Hazza poo" and i hang up

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