Massive Complications (Part 3)

Liam and Emma are finally happy. No drama, no lies, and absolutely no secrets. Until Tiffany surprises them with one massive secret that they can't deny and forget about like the others. It's very complicated. This is part 3, the final art of the Complications Trilogy. Hope you guys enjoy!


2. Morning Talks

Liam jumps in the shower and I go downstairs and start to make some breakfast. I toss some bread in the toaster. I am too tired to make anything else. Once the toast is ready I start to butter them and get the strawberry jam out. Liam walks downstairs in his boxers.

“Well hello there,” he says, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I giggle, “Hello to you too.”

Liam grabs a piece of toast and starts to eat, “So last night was fun,” he says, jumping up and sitting on the counter.

“Do you mean at the club or the-.”

“I was talking about the club,” Liam interrupts smiling, “But the other thing was very fun too.”

I laugh, “Yeah the club was fun. You don’t think things were too awkward with Niall, were they?”

“It was, sort of,” he admits, “But it has only been a month. He still needs time. I’m actually pretty surprised he came tonight. I didn’t think he would be able to handle seeing us together,” he grabs my hand.

“I am just happy he forgave you. I would not be able to live with myself if I broke up One Direction.”

He laughs and pulls me closer to him, sliding off the counter. I lay my head on his shoulder and he puts both of my hands in his.

“Am I a bad person?” I ask.

“What type of question is that?” Liam laughs.

“No! Please answer honestly. Am I a bad person?” I ask looking at our intertwined hands.

“I think,” he kisses my nose, “I think you are one of the kindest, nicest, sweetest, cutest person I have ever met.”

“You have to say that. You’re my boyfriend,” he shakes his head, smirking, “I think I am a bad person. And Niall hates me.”

“He doesn’t, but why don’t you try to talk to him?”

“I tried last night.”

“Yeah in a large group, not private,” Liam argues.

“When will I ever get him in private?”

“I will figure something out.”

“What happened to you when you were little that made you become extremely helpful and sweet?” I ask sighing.

“It was weird actually. It started when I met this really weird girl on the beach one day. She had the biggest crush on me and she could barely talk and then she called her best friend a big bully-”

“Oh, shut up!” I exclaim, laughing and I pretend to hit his arm.

He grabs my hand again and his face has become serious, “Has Tiffany still been calling you?”

“Not since I changed my number, no,” I reply.

He leans against the counter, “You haven’t talked to her?”

“Not since that day at her apartment. Why, have you?” I ask.

“Of course not.”

I nod. I missed her so much. We had been best friends since first grade and she threw it all away, like it was all nothing. I wanted to answer her calls every time but I just couldn’t let myself. After what she did, what she said. I could feel the tears start to form in my eyes. Liam sees and pulls me into a tight hug. I burry my face in his bare chest.

“I’m sorry,” he says quietly, “I won’t bring it up again.”

“No,” I pull away and wipe my cheeks, “It’s fine. We can’t just pretend like it never happened. She’s out of my life for good and I need to move on and think about other things. Like trying to talk to Niall.”

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