Irresistable Love

Its about a girl named Taylor. (Not Swiftie) Her dad goes goes to war. A new boy moves in next door. Read about how the author (me) truely describes each character with fun and laughter. But will it be fun and games in the end?


5. The start of something new?

Oh. My. God. I was hoping he would say that. Does he like me? What would’ve happened if Lily hadn’t on walked in? Questions buzzed through my head. My eyes shot open the minute he said yes. “Oh” I stuttered “Ok then”. He smiled and went in for another scoop of ice cream. I nearly spat out my mouth full of ice cream when a funny bit, in Bad Santa, happened. I held my hand up to mouth to try and hold it in. I swallowed and coughed a bit, chocking, Harry Started cracking up laughing and so did I, his laugh is contagious. Harry had a bit of ice cream on his spoon and he flicked it at me. I turned to him with my mouth open. “That’s it”. I went to jump on him and tickle him, but his strong arms pulled me off and he got on top and started tickling my sides.


I was literally in tears now. “Stop” I squealed. “Ok sorry” He replied. He sat down and put the ice cream on the floor, I can’t believe we ate it all; I took the opportunity and jumped on his back. We tumbled onto the floor, knocking some of the melted ice cream all over my shirt. “Oh no”: Im sorry” “Its ok it wasn’t your fault” I replied. “Here”. Harry took off his shirt and gave it to me. I bit my lip. His abs were tight, I couldn’t keep my eyes off them.


“Like what you seeing there” he laughed. “Sorry and thanks”. I hopped of him and he went to his bag and grabbed his black singlet from drama today.


Luckily I had a bra on or Harry would’ve seen everything. As I was taking of my wet shirt, I walked into the bathroom and accidently walked in on Harry getting changed. “Sorry” I sighed. I quickly put on his shirt. That’s ok he said putting on his black singlet.

“I have had such a bad day, Sick, spilt ice cream all over my favourite shirt” “Oh poor Taylor come here”. He motioned me into a hug. I walked over and he passionately squeezed me and rocked sideways. His hugs were really nice, warm, I like them a lot. “Tay can I tell you something?” “Sure” I replied. We walked over and sat on the bed. He seemed pretty serious. “Tay, I have only known you for two weeks now and I have really started liking you” He held my hands, My heart pumped fast, I gulped. “I was wondering if you would consider being my girlfriend.” He asked.


“I would love to be your girlfriend” I replied. He smiled. “Great now I can finish what I started. I turned my head confused. He leant in and all I could remember was; Harry leaning forwards then Heaven.

“That’s was amazing”. Harry exclaimed. I nodded “My first one to” “Same”. He replied. Bad Santa had finished and Night fell quick. Harry’s parents arrived home at 7pm. Harry went home, “bye love”, he pecked me on the cheek, “bye, see you tomorrow”. I smiled watching him walk home.


I walked back into my room and lay on my bed. I looked up at the ceiling. Thinking. About Harry, Our performance, seeing him tomorrow at school.

My mum walked into my bedroom. “Why are you so happy?” “Well...” “Well what” she asked. “Harry…” “Mmmm” she said eagering me to continue. “He…kind of…” “KIND OF WHAT!?” she said nearly yelling. I looked at her like; im not going to tell you if you yell. She understood my look and smiled, “Sorry, What is it honey?” “He asked me out and I said yes”. She had a surprised look on her face. “Hmm ok” she smirked. “Muuumm” I sighed. “Anyway dinners ready”.


I hopped out of bed and stumbled down stairs. I could smell Tacos; my favourite.


I ate up quick and decided to go back into my room and text Harry. I had him under the name Hazza.

Me: Hey. Harry: Hello beautiful. Me: How are you? Harry: Good and you? Me: Im full! Harry: Haha! What you have for tea, it smelt yummy! Me: Tacos! Harry: Oh. My. gosh…Sooo Jealous! Me: Haha! J Harry: Bye Love I got to go have a shower <3 you. Me: Ok <3 TTYL! J Harry: Bye. J


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