Irresistable Love

Its about a girl named Taylor. (Not Swiftie) Her dad goes goes to war. A new boy moves in next door. Read about how the author (me) truely describes each character with fun and laughter. But will it be fun and games in the end?


7. Partying! :)

Finally the weekend came around. I was excited because Harry invited me to his Birthday party. He was turning 18 in a few days. I was in a few weeks on 10/03. It was cool our birthdays were close.


I had an hour and a half until I went over to his house. I sat on my bed and looked at my old clock. I sighed. Time went so slow sometimes. I decided to have a shower to pass the time. I bought new shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair smell pretty.


I hopped out of the shower and chose my clothes. I decided to wear my black leather jeans, my white button up top with a black collar and black heels. I dried my brown hair and curled the tips. I put my black hat on and grabbed my black diamante purse and headed off.


I walked into the kitchen to say goodbye to mum. “Woah” she said “you have Lots of black on, are sure your not going to a funeral”. “Muuumm”. We laughed. “Bye sweetie have fun” “Bye mum”.


I walked over to Harry’s house and knocked on the front door. “I”LL GET IT” I heard harry yell. I giggled. “Hel- Woah” he said scanning my outfit. I smiled. “C- C- Come in” he said. I grabbed his hand and he walked me in.


We walked past Anne. She took my shoulders and said “Don’t you look beautiful” “Thank you Anne” I smiled then Harry pulled me away and walked me over to his mates.

“Boys –he paused to get their attention- This is my Girlfriend”. They all cheered and wolf whistled. Harry put his arm around my waist and pulled me in to his side, He put his head on my head and said “You’re so beautiful”. I smiled. “Thank you Harry”.


~3 hours later~


The party was over and all Harry’s friends went home. Harry and I were sitting on a bean bag chair with a blanket on in front of the fire. “That’s was fun” “Yer it was, wasn’t it” he replied. He had his arms around me and was leaning his head on my shoulder. “Im so tired” I yawned. “Do you wanna sleep here?” “Yes please, if my mum says I can”. “Ok, ring her”. I pulled out my mobile and dialled her number.


~Hello Taylor~ “Hi mum” ~so what do you want? ~ “I was wondering if I could bunk at Harry’s for the night im too tired” ~Yer that’s fine, just no Mucking around~ “Ok mum” ~Bye sweetie do you need pyjamas? ~ “No no Its ok” ~alrighty then bye~ “Bye”.





“Are you allowed?” Harry asked quickly. “Yes Im allowed” I replied. I rested my eyes while Harry played with my hair.


Harry’s P.O.V.


Mum walked outside. “Harry” she said holding the ‘y’ sound. “She’s beautiful isn’t she” “She is” mum replied. She clasped her hands together and tilted her head. “Well sorry to interrupt but maybe you should move her to a bed” “Ok” I agreed.


Mum took the blanket off us and I picked her up in my arms, bridal style. I walked into my room with mums help of opening doors.


My shut my door once I’d walked in. I lay her on my bed. I nudged her on the shoulder. “Are you comfortable in those clothes, would you like some of mine?” I asked. “Well not really, can I have some clothes?” “offcourse silly, I just asked you if you wanted some, what ever is in my closet is yours” “Thank you” she smiled.




Taylor’s P.O.V.


I started to pull of my shirt but stopped in my tracks as he started pulling off his old shirt. His muscles… His abs… I couldn’t help but stare. Harry obviously knew I was looking, “Liking what you see?” “Yes”. He laughed. He walked over to me and grabbed my hands and pulled me up. He put his massive hands on my cheeks and circulated his thumbs in circles. “You’re beautiful”. I smiled. Harry took my hands and positioned them on his abs. “Nice babe” he moved your hands around. “Mmmm” he said. You wriggled your hands out of his and wrapped your arms around him. He kissed your neck. “Harry, I love this but im so tired”. He sighed “Ok”.

Because I was held up before I decided to finish getting dressed. I pulled off my top and pants. Harry stood there watching me. “Harry” You covered yourself up with your hands. “Sorry” He moved into bed. You put on Harry’s huge top. “I’ll just wear this since its long enough for a night dress.


I slid in bed next to Harry. He wrapped his arm around me and drifted off to sleep.

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