Irresistable Love

Its about a girl named Taylor. (Not Swiftie) Her dad goes goes to war. A new boy moves in next door. Read about how the author (me) truely describes each character with fun and laughter. But will it be fun and games in the end?


9. Harry + Me + Spongebob = Fun

Chapter 9

*Knock Knock* Our eyes widened. “Who is it?” Harry Asked. “It’s your mother, Breakfast is ready” “oh okay be down soon” He replied. “Okay” Anne said as she walked away. I couldn’t help but laugh. “we better go have breakfast” I nodded in agreement and let go of Harry, but his strong arms stayed latched, “Harry?” “what?, I wasn’t finished” he smirked. He kissed me one last time and walked off to get dressed while I did my makeup.


Harry’s pov


Tay walked in with a completely different face. “Babe seriously” She had a confused look on her face. “What?”. “you look fine with out all that make up” She smiled awkwardly. “thanks, I should probably stop wasting money” I nodded and we walked downstairs to have breakfast. Mum was washing up some dishes. “mmmm what’s for breakfast?” “well I had some porridge and tea” “yum do you want that too” I asked Tay. “yeah thanks” she replied with a smile on her face. I fixed us some porridge and tea. “Thanks” she said as I placed her tea and porridge in font of her. We ate our breakfast like a pack of hungry wolves. We placed our bowls and mugs in the sink. “what do you want to do now?” I asked Taylor. “umm- She glanced at the clock. She raced out to the tellie and switched on a channel. I raced in to see what she was doing because I thought something was wrong. All she wanted to do was watch SpongeBob.






Tay’s pov

I checked the clock. Oh no. im late! I raced into the lounge room, Switched on the TV, and changed it to my favourite show. SpongeBob. Harry raced in with a worried and confused look on his face. “hey babe, come watch it with me” “you worried me” he replied. “Im sorry I just love this show, I have been watching it since I was young.” He came and sat down next to. He laughed. “I didn’t know it was so funny”. “yeah” I laughed” useless low-live TV characters”. We continued to watch sponge bob until it wasn’t in the program list. We had so much fun. I had a feeling from the first time I saw Harry that I would love him.


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