Irresistable Love

Its about a girl named Taylor. (Not Swiftie) Her dad goes goes to war. A new boy moves in next door. Read about how the author (me) truely describes each character with fun and laughter. But will it be fun and games in the end?


8. Good Morning

The next morning I woke up. Harry wasn’t in bed. He must’ve already got up.  You knocked on the bathroom door. “Who is it?” Harry asked. “It’s me babe”. He opened the door. He had a stripy towel covering him. His hair was wet and shaggy. “Good morning beautiful” he said. “Good morning shaggy dawg” I sarcastically replied. “My hairs not that bad” “its beautiful” I replied. Harry pulled me into a hug, “not as beautiful as you”. You smiled. Harry smashed his lips against yours. He rested his hands against your neck while you had your hands on his shoulders. He swung me around and caught me in his arms, “babe, can you let me fix myself up?” I asked. “No”. He smashed his lips into yours again and pulled you in tight.

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