Irresistable Love

Its about a girl named Taylor. (Not Swiftie) Her dad goes goes to war. A new boy moves in next door. Read about how the author (me) truely describes each character with fun and laughter. But will it be fun and games in the end?


6. Delivery!

I decided to have a shower to. I put my clothes on the end of my bed. ~3 minutes later~ I hopped out and dried myself. I was slipping into my pyjamas when I realised I hadn’t given harry his shirt back. It was still sitting on the end of my bed.


“Mum can I go give Harry his shirt back?” I asked. “His shirt- wait why do you have his shirt?” “He was putting on a cooler shirt and left his other one here”. “Ok be quick” she said.



I slowly walked to Harry’s house. I wanted to make the most of getting some fresh air. I knocked on the door. Anne opened it. “Hello there miss, Harry’s girlfriend” “Hi” I replied. “Come inside” “Thank you”.


I walked in. Their home was beautiful. It had a nice smell to it to. “There’s Harry’s room” she directed me to his door. “Thanks” I smiled. I knocked on the door. “Who is it?” “Its Miss Harry’s girlfriend” I joked. I heard feet scramble around the room. Then a “Whoa” from Harry. He opened the door. “Hello” he said zipping up his pants. “What are you doing here?” he asked. “Im just dropping off your shirt”. “Thanks babe” he said. “Do you wanna come in?” “Well I don’t have much-“ “I don’t care” he cut in. He pulled me into his room and gave me a strong passionate kiss. I smiled against his lips. “Harry” I sighed. “My mum will get mad” “Awww” he moaned; arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I couldn’t get out of his strong arms. “Harry please I need to go”. “Okay” he sighed. He let go slowly, as I was about to turn around he pulled my arm to turn me around. “Bye” he said and pecked me on the cheek. “Bye”. I walked out of the room taking one last look at Harry he smiled. I smiled back.


I opened the door to my house. “Is that you Taylor?” mum asked. “No Mom its Kelly Clarkson” I said sarcastically. She laughed slowly. “What took so long?” mum asked. “Anne was just telling me stuff”. “Oh” she said holding the ‘o’ sound. “Dinners ready” mum said. “Im not hungry mum” I replied. She made a confused look at me. “Just tired”. “Ok night” “Goodnight”.



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