Irresistable Love

Its about a girl named Taylor. (Not Swiftie) Her dad goes goes to war. A new boy moves in next door. Read about how the author (me) truely describes each character with fun and laughter. But will it be fun and games in the end?


1. The new Boy.

It started off like every other day. I turned my alarm clock off, went over to my computer to Skype Lily; She told me what to wear and I told her what to wear, I brushed my hair and teeth, grabbed my bag and books and headed downstairs.


“Morning” “Morning mum” “Cereal’s on the bench” “thanks”. I sat down at the table and switched the tellie on. I peered through the window to see a man and teenage boy carrying furniture next door. “New neighbours?” “Yes, poor old George had his day”.


 I peered through the window, the truck driver had his beer gut hanging out of a few holes in his shirt and shaggy jeans that he had to keep pulling up every now and then, whereas The teenage boy, around 16,Brown Curly hair, Green eyes, luscious pinkish colour lips.


I watched him, picking up heavy furniture, oh those muscles. I slid down in my chair and rested my hand against my cheek.


“Taylor” “mmmm” “Eat up its nearly 8:00”. I quickly sat up, The boy went inside, I quickly dashed up out of my chair nearly knocking it over. I gave mum a hug and kiss “bye mum” “bye sweetie” she replied. I ran to the bus stop. I checked my watch. 7:58.


 As I ran out of the driveway a boy yelled out to me “excuse me, girl, do you go to Ridge mount High?’ I stopped in my tracks. I turned to see who it was. The curly hair boy. “uhhh Yes” “Can you show me the closest bus stop Please” “sure but quick we’re nearly late” He ran up to me. “By the way im Harry” “Hi im Taylor” he smiled. “Quick lets go”. He ran along side me. He was good to keep up with me; I was the fastest girl runner.


We made it to the bus stop just in time.  It was heading up the hill. “Phew” “thanks Taylor” He smiled. “That’s ok Harry”. We hopped onto the bus; he pulled my arm to make me turn around, “can I sit with you” “sure”. Why did I say that! I like this boy and I already said I’d sit with Gabby.


I decided to start a conversation. “So what classes you in?” “Maths art English then Science, Wood work then cooking then Drama and ahhh singing. He blushed at the last subject “That’s everything im doing” I chuckled. “Study Buddies. I laughed at that. “Why’s it funny?” “Its funny cos it’s true” We laughed.

I bit my bottom lip as Gabby walked up to me. “Hey – she paused- so much for sitting with me on Thursday” “Sorry he’s my new neighbour and he’s in all our classes” “Will we still sit together?” “You sit with Lily, until he makes some other friends” “Ok” She sighed. “Thank you” he whispered when I stood up. “Its ok” I smiled.


Omg I couldn’t get over how cute he was. If I could, I’d stare at him all day. He walked with me too class. “Here we are”. We walked into Mr John’s classroom. I whispered to him “Do anything bad and he will suspend you”. I pointed to a ‘Class Rules’ sign. Harry quickly scanned the poster. “Ok”. We sat in the last row of two seated desks. I opened my book and Mr John started talking. “Tay, could you help me with this problem, I don’t get it”. “Ok this is what you do”……10 minutes later…….. “Wow I hate Maths” “me too”.

~1 Hour later~

“So your into Drama” “Yer are you” “I love it” he smiled. We practised our lines, me and harry were auditioning for Romeo and Juliet. I liked the thought that was his idea. We got up onto stage, three judges, I started talking …..”Oh Romeo oh Romeo where are thou Romeo”…Harry started laughing. “Im here”… I started laughing to. I couldn’t stop. “NEXT” He didn’t seem pleased at all. “God what did we just do” “WE! You started first” “True but we both laughed therefore we both get F’s!” “Ok”. He smiled. “Lets go to singing”, I nodded at him. “Ok Class, today I have buddied you up with someone, both boy and girl will do a duet, you can choose a song, go and have a look.” “Tay you go up first and see who you’re with then I will.” “Ok”. Harry smiled.


I walked up to the board. Squeezing past a few people going back to their desk. I walked up to the board, my eyes skimmed down the list of boys and girls names. Taylor and….I gasped. What a coincidence. I walked back to Harry. “So who you with” “You” He blushed. “Whatcha want to sing?” “You pick I’ll play my guitar, so pick one with an easy guitar tune in it” “Ok”.


The day had passed and Harry and I sat on the bus together. “So thought about a song” “what about Pumped up kicks?” “Yes! I Love that song!” “Me too!” “Great come to my place at 4:30 to practise” “ok”. We hopped off the bus at 3:30. “Bye see you soon” “bye”.


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