Bound [Book #1]

They are connected by the fact that they've all died and been brought back.

This is a trilogy. Look for the other two books:



2. Two.

I didn't know how to find Graham after he left. I asked the doctor and nurses and all they told me was he didn't work there, but they had seen him around the hospital quite a few times lately.

While the doctor checked me, he asked about the accident. I told him the same thing I told Graham, that I didn't remember what happened.

“In time you'll remember,” he said, smiling softly. “Are your parents around? I need to call someone.”

My parents?


They were in Europe and wouldn't leave it for anything, even this. I didn't tell him that, though, just that they were unreachable.

“Any relatives?” he asked me.

When I shook my head, he glanced at the chart in his hands – mine. Then he said, “Well, we need someone to release you to. You're underage.”

“Release? You mean I can go home? I'm okay?”

He nodded. “Aside from the bruising, which will heal on its own, the tests came back fine. I don't know exactly what happened to you, but I do know you're lucky. Whoever this Graham Miller is, you might want to find him and thank him from saving your life.”

I planned on it.


Wandering around the hospital you were brought into was strange. It was like, if you're allowed to leave, why are you still here? Then you remember it's because your family doesn't care about you enough to come get you, and you have no one else.

Technically, no patients were advised to leave unless instructed by a doctor. This much I knew from watching TV. But, really, actually being here wasn't like that. It was scary.

Especially since I had no one that could come get me. It made me wonder if they were going to keep me here forever. As my mind reeled with impossible thoughts, I heard someone call my name.

I turned my head to see Graham sitting at a table near the small cafeteria the hospital had. He smiled at me and slid the chair across from him out so I could sit. I did and he looked at me wearily.

“You look better,” he told me. “Going home?”

“Not yet.” I yawned. “I need someone to be released to since my parents are away and they obviously aren't coming back anytime soon.”

“They left you? That's awful. Well, who were you staying with while they were gone?” he asked.

I gave him a sheepish look. “No one,” I said.

Graham raised an eyebrow. “You can't stay alone. Come home with me.”

I blinked. “You've got to be kidding. I don't even know you. Besides, how would that look to people?”

He clicked his tongue. “I saved your life, if you've forgotten. And it would look like a guy with his sister, not that it matters what others think.”

I weighed my options, and since I didn't have any, I sighed. I couldn't stay with a guy I barely knew, even if he had stated so arrogantly that he saved my life. But I didn't have anywhere else to stay.

“I have to talk to Dr. Mitchell,” I said, and stared to stand.

Graham frowned and locked his ankles around the legs of my chair so it stayed put. I placed my hands on the table and glared at him.

“What are you doing?” I hissed. “If this is your way of throwing a goddamn fit because a stranger won't live with you, then-”

“Will you shut up?” Graham snapped. “Sit down. There's a reason I did that.”

I sank back into the chair and folded my arms, waiting. I didn't want any part of this if he was unstable.

He smiled faintly. “That's a nice thought, but I'm not crazy.”

My eyes widened. “What did you say?”

If it were possible, his smile widened.

“Isn't it obvious?” he asked. “I'm telepathic.”

I didn't say anything for awhile. What could you say to that?”

“You could say that you'll go talk to Dr. Mitchell. He needs to let you be released to me.”

I shook my head. “Did you escape from the psych ward or something?”

He laughed. “That's cute, Vi. You're so scared that I might be telling the truth that you're looking for excuses.”

“I'm not-” I started.

Graham smirked and leaned closer to me. In a quiet voice he said, “When I brought you in here, you were wondering if you were going to see me again, and what's more, if you were going to die without anyone by your side.”

I tried to tell him that wasn't true, but I knew it was a waste. He was right, about all of it, and that terrified me.

“You need to convince Mitchell to let you go. It's crucial that you come with me,” Graham said, his voice dead serious.

“Why?” I asked. I was tired and my head hurt.

Graham stood up and started to walk away. He looked over his shoulder at me. “Take something for that headache.”

Then he disappeared.

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