Bound [Book #1]

They are connected by the fact that they've all died and been brought back.

This is a trilogy. Look for the other two books:



24. Twenty-Four.

“What's going on?”

The voice had come from above me, which only meant one thing. I looked up and saw Graham's eyes flutter open. He groaned and shook his head.

“Easy,” I told him softly. “They'll see you. Stop moving.”

“Vivian, what the fuck is going on?” Graham asked. “Where's Terry?”

My throat caught. How did you tell someone their best friend was dead? I closed my eyes, listened the the man behind me as he cried, then he spoke.

“Mira, you're going to be okay. You are. Jev! What were you thinking? You could have killed her.”

“That was the idea,” Jev replied, and laughed. “But I can't exactly do that, because without her, we're one short. We need all of you in order for that girl to be on our side.”

“I won't do anything for you,” I said, turning my head.

Jev smirked at me, his eyes slowly glazing over. “Oh, but you will,” he said slowly. “I think you'll come to our side with a little persuasion.”

I stood and turned around.

Jev was holding Terry's body. He moved Terry's hair out of his face and smiled. “He was a beautiful boy, wasn't he? And a good friend.” Then he looked at me. “Do you want him back?”

Slowly, I nodded. “Mira said she could do that. Is it true?”

Jev chuckled. “Oh, it's true, Vivian. She'll do that for you, if you do something for me.”

I narrowed my eyes. That wasn't fair. As much as I wanted Terry back, I wouldn't join Jev. It was out of the question.

“You're not being fair,” I said.

“God, would you stop your whining?”

Someone's hand gripped my neck lightly, nails tapping against my skin. I didn't move. I didn't want her to slit my throat or snap it. Claudia smiled and pressed her lips against my cheek.

“You'll love it, being one of us. I promise. You'll be stronger than your little friends, and you'll be able to destroy them so easily,” she whispered against my ear.

“I can destroy you easily, too,” I said quietly.

I relaxed against her. Then I placed my hand against her face. It ignited within seconds. She screamed and let me go, stepped back in pain and tripped. I watched her burn, not even flinching, and turned around to Jev.

I titled my head. “Mira will bring him back.”

“Or what?” Jev hissed. He didn't look at Claudia.

“There is no other option,” I snapped. “You bring him back and you let Graham go.”

“Then you'll join us?” he asked eagerly.

Mira looked at me, and so did Julia. They were terrified.

“Yes,” I whispered. “I will join you."

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