Bound [Book #1]

They are connected by the fact that they've all died and been brought back.

This is a trilogy. Look for the other two books:



28. Twenty-Eight.

Jev rose and kicked the see-saw away. He looked at us, his eyes on Terry, and tilted his head. Then he walked over to him and placed his hand on his jaw, moving his face back and forth. Terry narrowed his eyes.

“You feel very much alive,” Jev muttered. “But I can see that you're not.”

“Don't touch him!” Graham snapped, hobbling over to us.

“You look completely incapable of hurting anyone,” Jev said, laughing. “I think you should sit the fuck down.”

At his words, Graham collapsed to his knees. He looked at us helplessly.

“Asshole,” I hissed.

Jev's eyes widened slightly at my tone. He let go of Terry and ripped me from their arms. I didn't fight him, because I knew there would be no point. He gripped my neck and squeezed so I winced.

“I've had enough,” he said. “I'm going to end this now. Before you killed Claudia, she left me a present, and now I'm going to use it.”

Then he grabbed my head, placing his fingers on my temples, and closed his eyes. When he opened them, he smirked.

“Kill them,” he told me.

I looked at him. “I don't think I will.”

My fingers sparked and I touched his face before he could stop me. I drew an invisible line down his skin with my finger, flames following. Jev did not scream. He didn't make any noise at all. He looked frozen.

“What―” someone behind me whispered loudly.

I put my other hand up. “I don't know,” I said, as I stared into his vacant eyes.

“I thought I'd help you out,” Lewis said as he came forward. He was limping, but otherwise seemed unharmed. “Did it work?”

I looked at him; Lewis had some smudges of dirt on his face, his eyes puffy. But he looked determined.

“That depends what you did,” I said.

“I scrambled his brain,” Lewis said, smiling. “A nice little talent, if I do say so myself. You could kill if now, if you wish. Or when he wakes up, he'll just forget everything.”

“He deserves to die,” I heard myself say. “He killed Terry.”


I looked behind me. Since I broke the connection, he was gone, faded into the air. I looked at Julia and Graham, sighed, and turned to Lewis.

“What should I do?” I asked.

He frowned, and for the first time since I saw him, he looked old. He shook his head and limped closer. “That's all up to you, darling. This is your battle. The end is your call, regardless of what your friends think.”

“She doesn't want to do it,” Graham said, standing. “Vivian, let me. You don't have to watch. Julia, take her somewhere. I'm going to finish this now.”

Julia came to me, kissed me, and told me not to look. She told me to come with her. My body moved on its own. A noise in the distance caused a flock of birds to scatter from a nearby tree. I knew what it was.

You never forgot the sound of a neck being snapped.

This story is now complete. This is a trilogy, so the next story will be the next plot [the missing girls].

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