Just A Girl

Niall Horan is the Popular guy from his new School in america , he is really cool and date with hot girls but one day he meets Tina the classic emo girl from the school, tina hates guys like Niall and his friends but now everything is gonna change because Niall have some Plans for Tina


2. f*ck my life


Niall POV

i was really bored so i goes to the beach , when i was in the Beach i saw her… the new girl… she was singing a green day song and… she was crying 


Tina POV

fuck my life, i hate my fucking new school, my stupid new house, my neighbors, my step family and i fucking hate the Bitches from my school, provably i hate my whole universe, my life is miserable, when my family died….. i died too…. i'm so lonely 


Niall POV

she was so sad, i walked to the new girl and i sit next to her, she look at me and said 

- ''why you are like this ?''

- 'like what? she said angry ''

- ''so sad… so..''

- ''so emo?…''

- ''no…. what i'm trying to say is… what happened to you before you moved to L.A?''

- ''you don't know anything, you live in you're perfect fantasy world'' she said crying 

- ''please.. tell me you're family was murdered by a fucking psycho or something?'' i said angry 

- yes… she said looking down


Murder? i can't believe it, poor girl, she was crying too much, i feel really bad so i give her a hug 

- ''i hate my life'' she screams

- '' hey… don't cry… please'' i said trying to calm her down 

- '' why are you doing this?… '' she said looking to the beach 

- '' because… you are different…'' 

- '' i'm just a girl with no ambitions '' she said looking to my eyes 

- '' my name is Niall Horan… i'm the selfish narcissist asshole

- '' i'm Tina… the freaking Emo Whore'' she said 


Tina POV


why Niall was being cute, normally Popular Guys are rude, but he is nice, Niall has beautiful Eyes and a really cute Smile, he was a different kind of guy 

- ''hey want to eat something?'' said Niall

- ''yeah… of course'' 


we walked to a fast food restaurant that was near to the beach, Niall look at me and said 

- '' want a salad?''

- '' Hell no! i want an hamburger ''

- '' hahaha ''

- '' pretty fly for a irish guy''

- '' hey! pretty fly?''

- '' yes like the offspring song Pretty Fly For A White Guy''

- '' you are a punk no? 

- '' OMG you know the difference between Emo And Punk? hahaha thats pretty cool''

- '' i'm smart, do you hate selena?''

- '' yes, she is a totally bitch''

- '' she is my GF''

- '' what!!'' i scream 

- '' hahahaha Just Kidding she is really annoying, are you jealous?''

- '' fuck you''

- '' stop being rude'' *smiles*

- '' Niall?''

- '' what?''

- '' you're cute''


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