Just A Girl

Niall Horan is the Popular guy from his new School in america , he is really cool and date with hot girls but one day he meets Tina the classic emo girl from the school, tina hates guys like Niall and his friends but now everything is gonna change because Niall have some Plans for Tina


1. Who Is That Girl

Niall POV:

i was in my classroom with Harry and Zayn, this class was really Boring, the teacher Mrs. Carter was talking about a new chick of something like that, probably she was another Dumb Girl who only cares about my body, they are so annoying, everyday i listen girls tal about my like, OMG is Niall Horan the New Irish Guy it's so cute or Niall is so hot do you see his abs? and i'm like c'mon, you should be kidding me

- Hey? what happen? says Harry 

- oh.... nothing, i'm just boring

- look the new girl she is an Freak 

i saw the new girl, se was so... so.. so different, that crazy red hair, no make up, she was wearinga black t-shirt of a band called Blink-182


- wow? says harry 

- she is....

- a freak? 

- no! don't be an asshole 

- dude she is a freak 

- i don't care she is weir IDN, who is she? i said 

who was that girl, she was amazing, and she was pretty without make up. when i was thinking in the new girl, Selena the Cheerleaders Capitan come to me and said 

- Hey Niall, do u know something?

- what?

- my parents are in hawaii, want to come to my house tonight? we can have fun

- sorry selena but i'm busy 

Selena go back to her sit, and the new girl sit next to me i was ready to do my best move and i said 

- hey... i'm niall horan 

- hi she said, she was really weird

- do you know who i am?

- yes, probably you are from another country, you are popular, you are ''cute'' and you are an asshole 

- what is your problem? i said 

- what is yours? aww yeah i know, you are an selfish  narsicist asshole who is obsessed whit his own image and voice?

- thats not true 

- fuck you

WTF was going on with this girl she was really mean, but she looks so cute when she is angry. 

The Day is over and i over and i have all the noon and the night for me, i take my phone and i called Louis, he didn't answer so i called zayn

- hey zayn want to go to the movies?

- sorry Niall, i'm Busy 

- oh... okay 

later i called Harry but he was busy too, Liam was Busy, Damn everybody have something to do except Niall Horan, i was really boring so i goed to the Beach, when i was in the Beach i saw her... the new Girl...






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