A Warrior's Call to Love

Katarina is an ordinary girl. She goes to college full time, but has some pretty cool but crazy hobbies on the side. When she decides to help 5 guys on the side of the road to fix their car, her whole world gets turned upside down. What happens when she starts to fall for the one Mr. Harry Styles. Will it work or will something or someone get in their way.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Katarina's POV


"Bye mom, I love you see you in 3 weeks!" "Bye sweetie, I love you too!! Be careful driving back." My mom yelled as I started up my car.  "I will", I yelled back. As I pulled out of my driveway I thought only three more weeks until I'm done with my first semester of college. The drive back down to San Marcos, Texas isn't that long as long as you take the toll road. I'm halfway their on the toll road when I see a van pulled over to the side. They were obviously having car troubles. I decided to pull over and help since my dad was a mechanic I learned a thing or two.   Harry's POV   "I can't believe our van stopped working, in the middle of nowhere" I said. " I'm trying to call Paul but I can't get any service out here" Louis yelled. "How are we gonna get this fixed, I don't even know what's wrong with it," Zayn stated. 'Look this guy is pulling over he is gonna help us!" I yelled. We all wait by the van waiting for the guy to come over to us, and then all of our mouths dropped when the door opened.   Katarina's POV   Luckily my windows in my truck are the darkest tint you can have, so the people didn't see that I was girl. Most people are very stand off-ish to a girl fixing their car. As I get closer I see 5 boys, I recognize them somewhere. Oh My God, it's One Direction the British boy band that my little cousin loves. I have to remember to get an autograph for her. Zayn is her favorite remember that. So I finally stop and I hop out of my truck and realize that I'm not even properly dress. Since I was just driving and didn't have anywhere to be  this morning I just through a cropped tank top that shows of my stomach and some frayed jean shorts with my mosh pit boots. Crap they are going to think that I'm some type of ratchet hoe. As soon as I see their faces I know that they are already judging me. Great, I finally reach them and they are staring me down like no tomorrow. Damn, I know I'm not pretty but they don't have to stare at me like that. " Hi are y'all having car trouble? I can take a look if you want?" I said. "Hello anyone here," as I waved my hand in front of their faces.   Harry's POV   Wow, wasn't expecting that. She is gorgeous. Her beautiful long brown curly hair blew in the wind as she walked towards us. I could tell right away that she wasn't an average girl at all. Her body was very toned and tan. She has to be mixed with something, but what I thought to myself. " Hi are y'all having car trouble? I can take a look if you want?" She said. "Hello anyone here," she repeated. I finally snapped out of it and so did the other guys. "Hello there, what's your name?" We all said at the same time. "Katarina, but y'all can call me Kat," she chimed. Man her voice was so calming I loved it already. "That's a gorgeous name love," she blushed as I said it. "Are you sure you can help us?" I questioned. " I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing, no offense." She retorted. "Okay take a look then," I said. She nodded her head and opened up the van, I couldn't help but stare at her and her butt. It was very nice, I turned to look at the rest of the boys and they were doing the same thing I was. I thought to myself I CALL DIBS!! "So where did you learn about cars?" I asked. "My dad is a mechanic and I would always hang out there when I wasn't busy," she chimed. How old are you, are you from here? " I'm 18 and no I just go to the university in San Marcos. I'm original from Waco," she chirped. So how is the van looking? "You want the bad news or good news first," she asked? Me and the boys all said good news. "Well good news is your van can be fixed you just need to order a couple parts, bad news is it is going to take like a week or two." "What are we supposed to do for two weeks? We don't even have a car to go anywhere?" Louis said. "Well I can give you a ride to my place where you can call someone to help you and then y'all can go from there," she suggested.    That would be perfect, I said then I gave her a wink she blushed.    Katarina's POV   I can't believe I just offered them a ride back to my place and they accepted. "Oh by the way my cousin Vivianna is a huge fan of y'all especially you Zayn. Do you think I could get an autograph for her from all of you??" " Of course," they all chimed. Gosh even when they just talk their voices were gorgeous. We head towards my truck  and they all pile in, Harry fought with Niall to sit in the front seat. He won, I don't know why it was such a big deal. Hmmm? Oh we'll. "Nice truck Kat," Liam said. Thanks! I have a ford F150 black 4 door with extensions. It is honestly the best truck ever. "So what type of music were you listening to when you pulled over to help us?" Harry asked. Oh crap I thought to myself..." Umm it was nothing..." I tried changing the cd before he pressed play but I was too late. All of sudden my stereo was blasting Pony by Genuine. I turned to look at them and my face was crimson red. "Sorry, this song is one of my favorites. I love dancing to it." I said smiling. "How do you dance to this kind of music?" Harry asked while winking at me. The boys just chuckled behind him. I winked back at all of them and said," I will show y'all when we get back to my place."         This is my first time writing a fan fic some please don't be to harsh on me. I'm going to try to update every day. Sorry if there are grammar issues. I'm not the best writer. I would love feedback so leave a comment!! Thanks!! Kathryn
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