999 FANFICTION- Akane and Junipei

Junipei's life after The Nonary Games. It's just a few months after The Nonary Games, and Junipei's scars are still a little raw. Join him as he goes on his adventure (Psh. Yeah. Junipei? Adventure? Nope.) to find akane.

( It does have implied death from people in The Nonary GAmes, so deal. also swearing and a bit of blood and crazy-ness if I follow my storyline. Oh yeah! Also implied (eventual) CloverXSanta. But mainly AkaneXJunipei.)


2. Glass doors are the enemy. {Chapter 1}


I heard the shriek of the siren and my eyes flew open. I stumbled off of the bed expecting to see water filling the room. The sight that greeted me was just my bedroom, not a cabin that was filling with water. I sighed and fell to the floor, staring at the ceiling. The 'siren' was actually just my alarm clock telling me to wake up. I decided to take my anger out on the alarm clock, by grabbing it and piffing it at the wall. The shrill sound was immediately cut off, plunging the room into darkness. I groaned, and raked my hands down my face. This was how I woke up every morning, since..... Well, The Nonary games. The thought had occurred to me multiple times, that I should probably just take the alarm clock out of the wall, but then... what would wake me up in the morning? I would just end up waking up late, then I would get to work late, and then Shad (A/N Just keep reading to find out who this guy is okay?) would just end up growling at me all day, and then nobody would be happy. Internal alarm clock? Hah. My internal alarm clock has been screwed up ever since I got home from The Nonary Games. Now, anything that sounded even remotely like a siren would send me up about 5 feet in the air. I sighed at my argument and got up. I then proceeded to shuffle out to the kitchen and squinted as the sun assaulted my eyes. I continued to shuffle until I was at the roster that had been stuck to my fridge. I smacked my head on the counter as I realised I didn't have to work. Funnily enough, I actually liked working. It kept my mind off all of the thoughts and shadows that I try to look, or shove into the recesses of my mind.


I almost forgot to mention. I work at a cafe. Don't judge. It gets money in and the cafe is just down the street. Oh. Did I forget to mention it kept my mind off of The Nonary Games? Nope. Just the Nonary Games.

Nothing else.

Not at all.


Okay fine. It also kept my mind off of Akane. Happy? Even though it had been a few months, (4 maybe?) Since seeing Akane again, I was still a bit... Okay, quite a bit upset that she'd just up and left. I realised she had her reasons, but still, the selfish part of me wanted her here. With me. Shut up okay? It's traumatic. I'm allowed to be sappy sometimes. I-


My internal conflict was cut off by the screeching of the phone, announcing I had someone calling me. My heart sped up. I couldn't help it okay? I always just wanted.. wished.. 

Nope. No more sappy stuff. I promise. 

Promises are hard to keep though.

I crossed the room in a few steps, cursing myself for getting lost in my thoughts again.

" Junipei speaking." I looked lazily out the window.

" Junipei! I need you to cover my shift! Something extremely important has come up and it requires all of my attention!" A voice shrieked out of the receiver. I sighed and my heart started slowing down. 

" What does this 'important' thing that requires all of your attention consist of?" I smirked. The person on the other end of the line was silent.

" Is it really important or can you just not come to work because you and your boyfriend-"

I started to say, but the person on the other end of the line cut me off. " Ah! N- no..." The lady trailed off uncertainly. I laughed.

" Your a terrible liar Daruka. I can tell when your lying..~" I sang in a sing-song voice. I then heard scuffling and unintelligible words.

"Please?" Daruka begged. I laughed, finished with my teasing. Daruka tended to do this sort of thing often, and I was generally the person everyone came to when they needed a shift taken over. College work? Psh. I burn through my college work.

"Fine. What time is the shift?" I asked.

My eardrum was suddenly burst when Daruka squealed into the receiver. 

" Yay! Thank you soooo much! The shift is at 7:30 AM!" She squealed. I replied by slamming the phone down on the cradle. Sure it was rude, but hey. This was Daruka we were talking about. She wasn't exactly the nicest person ever either. I looked at the clock. It was 7:10. I sighed and went to have a shower. After I changed into the cafe's work clothes, (Which pretty much just consisted of a black t-shirt and black pants.) I shoveled down some sort of cereal, grabbed my wallet, put on some shoes and left. 

I stumbled into the bright sunlight, and started walking down the street. I dodged the crowds of people, letting my mind wander. I wondered where she was now? After she had left the Nonary Games, and we had found out who 'Zero' really was, not one person but two, that Akane was one of these people, and had plotted and executed a plan to kidnap 9 people - 11 really,- and killed 3 out of 4 of said 11 people, I still found myself unable to hate her. After all, she was doing what she had to to survive.


And really, how could I hate her for that?


I was continuing to contemplate this, when suddenly, my enemy, the wicked 'glass door' jumped out of no-where. 

'Glass door' also made me look like an idiot by jumping in front of my path and making me smack into it.

Idiot alert.

"Ahh!" I cried out in pain as The glass door chuckled evilly at me.

In an instant there was someone there to help me up. I brushed them off and stood up. Shad, The Head Waiter ( A/N See! I told you! Don't worry though, he's not a main character.) was talking to a lady at table 17. I waved my hand in the air sheepishly, and Shad glared at me for a second. he finished up the conversation with the lady and walked over. "Junipei... Why are you such and airhead nowadays?" Shad sighed.


Shut up brain.

I laughed nervously. "Uh.... College work?"  I tried. I just didn't tell him I had already finished it all, and spent all of my free time thinking about the Nonary Games and Akane, or trying to occupy my mind so I didn't think about the Nonary Games. Shad just rolled his eyes. " Whatever. I thought Daruka was supposed to come in today. the reason your here is...?" Shad trailed off, raising his eyebrows. I snickered. "Oh, you know her... Her boyfriend was over last night, and things kinda...." I trailed off, looking at Shad, trying to get across the message of what Daruka was doing. Shad's face darkened with recognition. " I swear.... Why can't she every come into work?" Shad waved his arms around. But we all knew why he wouldn't fire her. Daruka was the only one who voluntarily took night shift. Apparently she preferred the dark. 

Shad ordered me to put an apron on, get a notepad and pen, and serve the lady at table 17.

Shad then walked off, presumably to call Daruka up and yell at her.

I waltzed over to the side room, grabbed an apron, folded it in half, and then tied it around my waist. I grabbed a note pad and pen, and walked over to table 17. I put on a well practiced smile and opened my mouth. 

"Hi! I'm Junipei, and I'll be your waiter today. Today the special is some sort of floral tea with toast. So, what can I get you?" I asked, my pen poised over the notepad. I realised that, after The Nonary Games, I had to keep myself looking and sounding happy, and upbeat. I couldn't go to work looking like I had been dragged through machinery a couple of hundred times. If not, then everyone would constantly pester me and ask me what was wrong all the time. After ignoring their questions, I realised it would be better if I kept my life under wraps. otherwise there were too many questions. And I honestly couldn't afford to blurt something out.

It could mean Akane and Aoi's eternal silence.

Snapping back to reality I realised that the lady had said something. i looked up at her and stopped. I then shook my head. 


Not gonna think about it.

That lady definitely does not look like Akane. 

Okay she did. But in the past few moths, apparently a lot of women looked like Akane. probably just coincidence.

Not gonna think about it. 

" I'll have the floral tea?" The lady chimed. I smiled and wrote it down. I then held my hand out for the slip of paper that sat on the table. It was obviously the lady's first time here, because she looked at me confused. 

I laughed. 

"First time here eh? Well, you see, I need that piece of paper. Just to say who your waiter was, what you did or didn't like, blah, blah, blah...." I trailed off. I was really getting tiring to keep up this facade. The lady seemed kind of flustered as she handed me the piece of paper. I scribbled my name down on it and gave the slip of paper back to her. "Thanks! I'll be back in about 10 minutes or so with your order." I smiled and walked off.



He didn't know who I was.

Junipei was either an idiot,blind, or a complete and utter airhead. Probably a mix of all three. How had he not noticed me? I asked myself, but I already knew the answer. His smile was well practiced, but I could still tell it was fake, strained and practically screaming for all of his problems to just leave him alone. I had a knack for being able to tell these things.

Ah. Sorry. I got ahead of myself. You might know me, you might not. I tend to drift around the place a lot, not usually staying in one place for a long period of time. 

If you were average, not more than a friend, or even just someone I talked to on the odd occasion, you mightn't know my name. 

If you were a special kind of person, you might know me as 'Zero'.

If you were involved in the first Nonary Games, or Junipei, or heck, even the police probably knew who I was, You could probably call me....

Akane Kurashiki.    



A/N: So! That's the first chapter! Sorry it took so long to write. I originally had some other plot written for this, but I went back recently and it had SO MANY PLOTHOLES! Not like this one doesn't: Believe me it probably does. But the other one was so much worse. Sorry if some things are incorrect: I kinda watched my sister play this, (and then couldn't look at the people who died XD) and the rest I read off of the internet. Anywho,I've got the second chapter in motion, so hopefully that will be out soon! It could be a bit late though, as I have a musical our school is putting on and I'm backstage haha :)

Oh yeah! Before I forget; Is there anyone out there who has played Virtue's Last Reward? Because I'm thinking of getting it, and was wondering if the death scenes in VLR are as gruesome as they were in 999. Because I don't want to buy a game that terrifies me XD

Anyway, Thank-you for reading!








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