999 FANFICTION- Akane and Junipei

Junipei's life after The Nonary Games. It's just a few months after The Nonary Games, and Junipei's scars are still a little raw. Join him as he goes on his adventure (Psh. Yeah. Junipei? Adventure? Nope.) to find akane.

( It does have implied death from people in The Nonary GAmes, so deal. also swearing and a bit of blood and crazy-ness if I follow my storyline. Oh yeah! Also implied (eventual) CloverXSanta. But mainly AkaneXJunipei.)


1. Trying to move on. Maybe. ( Chapter 1)


The starts were twinkling above the city lights hidden from sight.

'Hidden. Just like us, a year ago.' I thought. Akane was involved in The Nonary Games. Very involved. I sighed. I missed her so much. I didn't do much these days apart from talking to Lotus. I was just coming home from helping her out around the house in fact. Her two daughters were quite nice actually. And so was her husband? Or whatever she called him. The main thing was, that everyone was happy. Everyone except.... Well, me. I thought after The Nonary Games I could tell Akane that I liked her. Hopefully she would've returned the feelings. But as soon as the Nonary Games were over she disappeared. Gone. Poof. I was upset, But what could I do? I had to mover on. Or, try to at least. Unfortunately, everything reminded me of her. Everything. I had finally reached my apartment/house.I unlocked the door and walked in. I fell into my cold lonely bed and fell asleep, not bothering to change into pajamas's. Little did I know that, that night would be my last night of loneliness.


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