Winter, My New Favorite Season

When a young Alice meets the mean lonely boy, Shea Winters, will she meet a new side of him or will they run out of time.


5. Ya.. Im the new kid

When I decided that I looked decent I headed downstairs to eat breakfast quickly. I grabbed three eggs and scrambled them in a bowl while my buttered pan was heating slowly. Ask I stood there watching my food a flash of yesterday popped into my mind and I remembered the disc-like contraption. I judged how much time I would have to run and pick it out of my dirty jeans. I had a good five minutes, I would risk it.

            I rushed upstairs and quickly burst into my room. I glanced around looking for the jeans that I left to rest on the floor. I couldn’t find the missing jeans and I knew I couldn’t just forget about it.

            “MOM!” I screamed loudly not caring about who heard.

            “What?!” she asked coming from her room in her robe.

            “What did you do with my jeans?” I asked panicking. She looked puzzled then the confusion washed away and she realized what I meant.

            “In your hamper honey.” I groaned realizing my stupidity for not checking there. I raced to my bathroom, where I just finished cleaning up, and emptied my whole bin onto the floor. I threw clothing around the room in hopes of finding my missing pants. As I say the dark jeans come into sight I snatched them up and reached into my front, right pocket, but I couldn’t find it so I switched sides. I let out a sigh of relief when I felt the cool metal in my hand. The cold also brought me back to reality and I could already smell the smoke of the eggs I left cooking in the pan.

            “Crap!” I slipped the metal into my back pocket and rushed down the stairs hoping to the floor on the last four steps. I pulled the pan off the burner before the eggs could burst into flames; I opened the lid on my trash can and dumped the black, crisp eggs into the can and tossed the pan into the sink.

            “Sweetie, get outside!” my mom command.

            “I’m trying!” I snapped back. I rushed to the main hallway, grabbed my book bag and jacket, then rushed out the door to meet the prompt yellow bus pulling up to my house.

            “You’re the new kid, huh?” A young, thin, red head asked skeptically. I just nodded in response. “Okay… well hope on.” She motioned for me to enter the bus. I entered cautiously, avoiding tripping over the loose books and bags.

            “Hey! There’s an open seat back here!” I took my chances and followed the voice to a seat with only one person. “Hi!” she piped up again and I responded with a slight wave. She just patted the seat beside her. I took up her offer and sat down.

            “I’m  Alice…” I greeted and stuck out my hand. She met it with her hand and introduced herself.

            “Carly…” I smiled happily.

            “Do I need to know anything about this school?” I asked, a little scared of the answer she was going to give.

            “Not really… Wait! Yeah, stay away from Shea Winters.” I was confused.

            “Why? What’s up with that kid?” she grimaced at my question.

            “He’s a really big um… jerk, ass, cocky bast-” I stopped her short understanding her words.

            “Yeah… I got it.” She smiled shyly and I just grinned back at her. “So what did he do to you that you hate him so much?”

            “He’s just an ass.” She stated. “I mean he’s hot but… from what I see keeps to himself.” I nodded. I knew she probably never tried to talk to him. I didn’t really spark any other conversations with her so I ended up staring at the back of the seat in front of me. “I’m surprised he’s not on.” She mentioned out of the blue.

            “Huh?” I blurted out forgetting who she was talking about.

            “God, you doze off easily.” I nodded. “Shea” I furrowed my eyebrows. “Winters…. The ass” she said in a ‘duh’ voice that kind of pissed me off.

            “Yah sorry… But what about him?” she shook her head.

            “He’s usually on this bus… he’s not on today.”

            “Oh.” She turned in her seat to face the window and I continued staring into the brown seat in front of me. I started off making sure I did everything I needed to before I went to first period. I needed to head to the main office from here and get my schedule and a map of the school. From there I would need to find my locker. Then get to first period on time and not get lost. Lastly, make it through the day without drawing a lot of attention to myself. I felt the bus jerk to a stop and as I glanced out the window I was in awe. The large brick building looked grand and new. The crowds of kids by the front doors made me choke up.

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