Winter, My New Favorite Season

When a young Alice meets the mean lonely boy, Shea Winters, will she meet a new side of him or will they run out of time.


3. What just happened?

December 1, 2012

            It’s December and the soft wind is gliding snowflakes through the sky. I tilted my head up to catch them in my mouth and held out my hands to feel the cool, moist flake. As I caught a few I could feel my neck stiffen and beg to relax. Slowly I brought my head back to its natural level and sat silently on the wooden bench in the neighborhood park.

            My eyes began to wander and took interest in the young boy perched up high in the snow frosted tree. His eyes were closed as he gripped the branch he sat on and there was pain written on his face. The mystery boy stayed still as his grip seemed to tighten on the bark of the tree and one hand reached up to his chest in a quick soundless movement. It latched onto the fabric by his heart as his head tipped backwards. His posture stayed like this for a soundless five minutes when his eyes flashed open and relief washed over his sweaty face. Silver eyes wandered over the park until it came across me. He seemed to back up slightly but the branch he was leaning his back against stopped him seconds later. Effortlessly he slid off the branch and landed softly on the balls of his feet.

            “Whoa!” I gasped loudly. Slowly, he took a couple steps back.

            “Are you new here?” he asked calmly, I nodded in response. “Thought so I’ve never seen you arou-” he stopped suddenly stopped and the pain came back to his face as he convulsed on the snowy ground. I stood there motionless unsure how to approach him. He grabbed the excess cloth by his heart again. A sliver object glistened in his back pocket as he groaned. Slowly, he pulled it out and pressed it to his heart. The pain seemed to fade away, slowly, but it was fading. The pain melted away from him.

            “Are you okay?” I asked panicking. I glided over to him but he stepped back to every one of my steps forward. Before I knew it he fled and left me standing there wondering what just happened.  

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