Winter, My New Favorite Season

When a young Alice meets the mean lonely boy, Shea Winters, will she meet a new side of him or will they run out of time.


6. Stay away from Shea

“It’s really not as bad as it looks.” Carly assured me. I thanked her quietly and started to stand up like the others. I grabbed my bag at my feet and walked of the bus. It seemed the whole student body went quiet when I stepped off. “Whoa!” Carly gasped behind me, his outburst made me realize I wasn’t dreaming this. Every one really did stop and stare. “Don’t worry about it.” Carly said trying to give me a nudge of confidence. It didn’t work.

            I slowly walked through the crowd and followed the large sign above my head that pointed to the main office on my left. I at least accomplished one thing. I slowly turned the knob and stepped into the cool, open office.

            “Hello?” I called out, not seeing anyone at the desk.

            “Oh! Coming!” a soft voice came from my right. As I looked over a slim old lady came shuffling over to the desk. “Welcome! I’m Mrs. Shapiro and you must be Alice.” I nodded.

            “Yes… I’m Alice Warren.” I stated calmly. She gathered up some papers from a file and handed them to me.

            “These are all the things you will need to get through the day.” I flipped through the papers. The top one was my schedule, the next, a map, and lastly a paper with my locker info and a teacher directory.

            “Thank you!” I organized the paper and went to find my new locker. I was 661. As I looked on my map I saw I was only one wing away from my homeroom. I checked the code on my lock when I got to my locker and it opened without a challenge. “Thank the lord” I mumbled to myself. From there I headed to homeroom. The school seemed pretty big, though most of my classes were located in the northern area of the building. The exception, all my specials; they were mostly in the south wing. Walking through the hallway was pretty easy; you just had to watch for the people that ran through. I hit my destination pretty quickly and I waltzed and headed for the teacher desk. “Excuse me?” I tried to get the man’s attention

            “Oh! Yes?” he questioned. This guy couldn’t be that bright if he didn’t realize that a student that came in, in the middle of the year isn’t new.

            “I’m new…” you stated.

            “Oh okay! Let me see you slip.” I pulled out the packet the nice lady in front and flipped through the papers. Then I pulled out the directory and there was a place for each of my teachers to sign.

            “Here” I handed it to him and he signed it quickly then returned it to my hands. “Thank you.” He nodded and ushered me off.

            “Class!” he groaned standing up. “It appears Mr. Winters won’t be appearing anytime soon so I’m going to assume he’s a no-show.” He mumbled something under his breath then continued. “So this is….” He noticed he never asked for my name.     

            “Alice Warren…” I filled in.

            “Alice” he copied. “Be nice and um… be nice.” He warned twice. “You can sit in Winters seat until we get a desk put in.” I nodded. I guess this Winters kid really was well known, sadly it’s for being a prick.

            “Hello?” I look up to see a boy staring at me. He flipped his long, curly, brown hair out of his eyes before speaking again. “Hey…” I waved up at him.

            “Are you Shea?”  I asked jumping out of the seat. I heard him chuckle, he placed his hands on my shoulder blades and guided me back down into the chair.

            “I’m not Shea but I guess the word has spread to you already?” he more or less stated instead of questioned. I nodded in response. I heard him breathe out hard.  “Yeah the kid gets a bad rep.” my eyes widened.

            “So he’s not as bad as people make him out to be.” He shrugged.

            “I’ll let you figure that out for yourself…” he started to walk away, but I grabbed his forearm.

            “Are you a friend of his?” you could say that. With that he shrugged me off and walked to his seat in the far corner of the room. I groaned quietly; realizing that I never got the dudes name. I went to get up but the first period bell rang. I rushed out of the room and meshed in with the crowd in the halls. I glanced down to my schedule and it read that I had math for first block. I sighed and made my way to the room. As I entered, I noticed a good amount of kids from homeroom. Glancing around, I recognized the boy that came up to me. “Hi” I said to him. He didn’t look up from his copybook. I tapped him on the shoulder and he looked up at me.

            “Oh sorry I wasn’t paying attention.” I nodded.

            “I never got your name.” I stated. He chuckled lightly.

            “That’s ‘cause I never gave it to you.” He joked and then sighed. “I’m Ryan.” He held out his hand and I caught it with mine. He squeezed it lightly and then unclasped his from mine.

            “Well you known my name.” he nodded.

            “I would offer you the seat next to me but it’s occupied by…” he searched the room and then his eyes landed on someone. “Her” he pointed to a tiny little red head with a face full of freckles. He white skin looked fragile. “That’s Charlie… well Charlotte but she like Charlie better.” I nodded. As if on cue she walked over to her seat.

            “Hi… you must be Alice.” I nodded skeptically. How did she know me? “I’m Charlie, I’m also in your homeroom.” I grinned.

            “Um would there happen to be any extra chairs in the room?” I aimed my questioned toward both Charlie and Ryan. They both seemed to tense.

            Charlie cleared her throat. “In the back, far corner seat closest to the window.” She nodded her head over to the seat.

            “Thanks… I’ll see you around.” She smiled and so did Ryan.

            “Well the kids you see from homeroom here will be in your classes, so you can tag along with us. Oh and our lunch table has an open seat. You know if you want.” Ryan offered.

            “That would be great!” I answered happily and made my way to the corner. Taking out my notebook, I focused on the notes put on the board. The rest of the morning went by like that until 6th period.

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