Winter, My New Favorite Season

When a young Alice meets the mean lonely boy, Shea Winters, will she meet a new side of him or will they run out of time.


7. Shea's Collapse

December 2, 2012 – period six

            I stuck close to Charlie and Ryan all through the morning and this was our last period before lunch.

            “Again the seat in the corner” Charlie told me. So far all the open seats were in the same place. I thanked her and turned to the door to see the mystery boy from yesterday stumble trip into the room. His books slid out of his unzipped backpack and stopped inches away from the tips of my shoes. I bent down quickly and gathered the books that I could reach and made my way over to him. His head was bent and was rapidly picking up loose pens and paper. I got down on my knees and gathered the extra loose-leaf. He noticed the shadow in front of him and looked up at me. His things were cleared from the floor and now most of his books are in a stack located in my hands. I shyly smiled and he lightly grabbed the materials out of my grasp. I then turned on my heels and made my way to the window desk. Though since I was now in Chemistry the regular desks were now elevated tables with metal stools. I pulled mine out gently cringing from the screech it made against the floor. Then for the first time in all my classes someone sat down beside me.

            I glanced at him and it was Mystery Boy. His gaze met mine and I blushed slightly and turned to look out the window. As second bell rang the teacher started talking.

            “Mr. Winters… I believe you owe me a report.” I heard the chair beside me scrape the ground and I looked at Mystery Boy get up with a piece of paper in his hand, he handed it to the teacher and sat back down. Mystery Boy was...Shea. Shea Winters. I snuck a glance at him but he was already looking at me. Again I blushed and stared intently at the notes in front of me.

            Shea leaned over and moved a strand of hair that covered my profile like a curtain. “So new girl… you got a name?” I nodded. “Do I get to know it?” he asked quietly. I didn’t answer. “I’m going to find out sooner or later so why don’t I get to hear it from you?” I shrugged and he chuckled leaning back in his seat.

            For the rest of the period I stayed quiet and so did he. I felt awkward but I’m pretty sure he was fine. Of course I don’t know the kid; but he doesn’t hit me like the prick, asshole that Carly and many others describe him as. The bell signaling the end of the period and the beginning of lunch; was a savior in my position. Personally, I have never felt more awkward. Shea quickly made his way out and I followed silently behind him. The crowd seemed to separate for him. Especially when he collapsed on the floor; I knew what was happening but it seemed like the rest didn’t. I rushed over to him as fast I could, but a solid wall formed around him. The barricade was hard to break through. It took a good two minutes to get through. When sliding between everyone I heard their thoughts. Most thought that he was overdosing; others thought it was a heart attack, and then some idiots thought he was faking for attention. I finally got to him and the pain hadn’t decreased. I rushed to his side and knelt down.

            I heard his groans and it forced me to take action. “W-what do you need me to do Shea?” I asked quietly.

            “Stay…” Was all I heard peep through his lips. I smoothed the hair away from his face.

            “I’m here. It’s all right I’m here…” I cooed to him. It hit me then the little medallion was in my pocket. I pulled my hand away from him and he whimpered at the withdrawal. I pulled the silver disk out of my jeans and placed it in his hands.

            “What… what is i-it?” he asked.

            “The little silver thing you used yesterday…” I wrapped his fingers around it so his hand formed a fist around the item. I brushed my fingers through his hair as he brought the metal to his chest so the button was on top. His pointer finger lightly pushed down on the button while his other reached for my hand that was messing up his hair. He squeezed it as his finger came off the button. His pain seemed to increase slightly and his hand was cutting off my circulation. Then it subsided and his hand went limp in mine.

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