Winter, My New Favorite Season

When a young Alice meets the mean lonely boy, Shea Winters, will she meet a new side of him or will they run out of time.


4. Getting Ready

I sighed, that’s the first person I met in this godforsaken town was scared of me. For a second I was lost, I had no idea of where I was heading. I took my chances and followed the tracks the boy made. As I walked by the area he was writhing in I noticed the silver medallion that he pressed to his chest. I picked it up and examined it with soft fingers.  It held a button on the top of the disk that I didn’t dare press, scared of the effect that it will have on me.

            Slowly, I slide the object into my front pocket, reminding myself to bring it to school tomorrow morning. If luck is on my side, I might be able to find him again. Until I find him I will have to watch over the miniscule instrument.

            I headed home from there.


            Walking into my house I quickly untied my damp shoes and left them to create a puddle while I trekked up to my room. Counting the doors until I found my newly assigned quarters, I threw open the door and rushed right in. I knew my parents would ask about my traveling around town and who I met and what it was like. I didn’t feel like being interrogated before bedtime. Also I knew I wouldn’t get sleep anytime soon; I will be caught up in thinking about the multiple ways people might hate me as I journey through the halls of the school. With that in my mind I changed into my pajamas and crawled into my bed to continue thinking about my doom in the city of Philadelphia.

            I could think of so many ways I could be embarrassed, they wouldn’t stop coming. Tripping in the hallway, spilling my food on myself, running into the queen bee, the options were endless. They flowed until I fell asleep dreading my next morning.

December 2, 2012

            I woke up to my mom shaking my shoulders ferociously trying to get me up. I threw my hands up in defeat and opened my sleep ridden eyes.

            “Finally, it’s not like I was trying to get you up for ten minutes of anything!” My mom commented sarcastically.

            “Yeah yeah…” I blew her aoff. She’s been trying to get on my good side since we moved and it wasn’t really working.

            “You got to acknowledge me sometime.” My mom stated as I sorted for a decent outfit.

            “Yeah sometime.” I mocked. She groaned loudly and marched out of my room. When I heard the door shut I got changed into the clothes I found. It was a pair of bright red skinny jeans with a navy blue tight-fitting, strapless top that flared out at the bottom. When I finished adjusting all the elements I headed to the bathroom to curl my usually black, pin-straight hair.

            I placed a hard red headband on the top of my delicate curls and went to find my mascara. That’s all I ever wore when it came to makeup, I never needed anything else other than that. My tan skin was blemish free, my eyes had natural eyeliner -my friends would say-and simple lip balm made my plump lips, rosy and soft.

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