Friendship? Love? Happiness?

3 girls walk into a gas station, Katherine Mckayla and Callista. There just regular teenagers trying to celebrate Callista's 19 birthday. She only had one wish, to be with her best friends but little did they know that their life's would change when they decided to sing Moments (one direction). They get to meet their all time favorite band, but they didn't think it would turn out like this with them battling drama, brake ups, and tragedies, but they promise that they would stick up for each other no madder what life hits them with.


1. The Big Day

                                Mckayla's P.O.V.

"KATHERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up it's finally here!!!" shouted while shaking her and throwing her on the floor.  "WHAT!! What is wrong with you its 9:30 in the mourning" i could tell she wasn't happy but i brushed it off. "It's Callista's birthday" i whispered in her ear.  she shot out of the bed and into the bathroom. She finally released that what we've been planning for months was already here. Callista always wanted to go to London, she was fascinated about it for some odd reason and it was not about One Direction it was something else. We all lived together when Katherine can me out of the bathroom she was just wrapped in a towel, then she went straight to the closet and clothes the door to change. Callista wasn't here she was working and wold be back in 1 hour which was nothing for what we had to do.

Katherine finally came out and and was wearing a beautiful blue summer dress with a beaded loose belt. She then yelled at me because i was laying on the floor pretending that i was a whale(i no how she hated me doing that so i did it anyway) and was suppose to be in the shower so i quickly ran off and got in the shower.

                         Katherine's P.O.V

She made me mad in a good way i hated how she would just bent her hands to her feet and rock back and fourth and making whale sounds. One day i thought she was having a sessier so i ran and called the cops and i dreaded that day ever since. I couldn't just wait for Mckayla to come out of the shower, her showers were soo long! Well i had to do something so i ran to Callista's closet and found her pretty pink luggage kit and started to pack her clothes. One by one i folded all her clothes; anything and everything she had that she wore which was everything. Me and Mckayla found a place in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire and if all ends well we would be moving there! I finally finished and set her stuff by the bedroom door, then Mckayla walked in squeezing thought the bags by the door. She then rushed to her closet looking at the time, it read 9:40. I never thought i would pack all of Callista's clothes in under 5 minutes. Mckayla came out in some skin tight red skinny jeans and a striped undershirt and and navy blue blazer. "WOW, Mckayla i see your dressing as Larry today" i said sarcastically and she came over and gave me a Mckayla slap; which was one of those Louis Tommo's slaps that he gives Harry.

She then pulled out her Pretty Pink luggage set also, the cool thing about Mckayla's and Callista's sets are when you aline all of them in the right way it says, I'll be you Louis if you're my Harry. I thought it was so cute, they're so close and everything that they never fought. Mckayla rushed in and out of the closet throwing clothes on the floor. Once the finally pantie was thrown she sat and started to fold each piece of clothing nice and neat and putting them in the cases. I looked over at the clock it was blank and was unplugged and i heard Mckayla chuckle. I turned around and she looked at me and said "what!!??!?! I wanted to save some time." we blurted out laughing so hard that there was tears coming out of are eyes. We then stopped and came to are senses that Callista would be home in 5minutes, I ran out of the room to find my bags but I couldn't. WHERE WERE THEY???!!?!

                                   *at Starbucks*

                          Callista's P.O.V.

It was 10:25, i just wanted to go home and sleep I've been awake since 6:00 in the morning. I couldn't wait to go home and see what my best friend planned for me. It was always something special, not big, but i liked because they were always there for me and that's all i needed. I finally reached 10:30, I hurried to the back room and got my stuff and clocked out. I got my keys and got to my car, then I remembered that I was supposed to work overtime today because I wanted to do something special for the girls to show them how much i cared. I let out a big sigh and walked slowly back to the coffee shop, i never wanted to work at Starbucks i wanted to be a model. Mckayla is going to studied to be a fashion designer, I told her I would be a model for her but she never believed me, maybe it was because i couldn't be serious. Well i had to call someone and tell them i had to work late.



"Hey Kat i have to work overtime today so i will be out at 1:00 today. Ok?"

"Ok i'll see you at 1:00, K"

"Alright so i see you later, love you!"

"Love you to Hazz"

"See you later Nialler"

I always loved when we called each other by One Directions nick names. We've been doing that since 6th grade and i never got old. I got in to the coffee shop and started to work, but i wasn't happy because i was spending half of my birthday in a stupid coffee shop I DIDN'T EVEN LIKE COFFEE!!!!!!!


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