Change My Mind ( a Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Right as she tought her world was falling apart or as her mom thought, everything was finally going into place, she was ready to kill herself. She had tried a few times before, but that's another story. In this Romantic love story, full of hatred and love, Natalie Farmer's world is turned upside down by one boy, whom she meets at the local park, in a secret place where she cuts herself. He nearly saves her life, but will he be enough to save her forever? With a Little help and few promises, He thinks he can turn her whole world around. Make her feel better about herself. But what if it doesn't work? Maybe she can get what she has always wanted, death. He has to be care ful about what to say. One little thing can make her go off. Could he do it? One can only hope. "I made a promise to my self that day that i was gonna make you stop cutting." - Louis Tomlinson.


2. Words of Wisdom.

 We sat there for about an hour and he spoke up.

"Why were you going to do this?"

"I don't know. I guess there's just so much shit going on right now. I thought i couldn't do it. You know? I spoke softly and slowly so this would all resgiter in his mind. He nodded slowly indicating he understood and wanted me to continue.

"Everyone at my school in 7th grade thought i was a loser and a slut, but i wasn't. I had a few friends. In 10th grade my ex-best friend told the whole school that i slept with a few football players in over a two week period. So i thought both times that i wasn't good enough for the world, and that everyone would be happy if i was gone. But both times i tried, i failed. My brother caught me trying to overdose, and some random by stander caught me before i jumped, and if it wasn't for you following me here, i wouldn't be here by now. But honestly i dont know why you saved me, i don't know why i'm still here. My dad isn't around anymore, and to this day, even though it was four years ago, i still think it was my fault he up and left us. I don't want to be here if everyone around me hates me." I said and we sat in silence.

"I don't hate you, even though we only met today, i feel like i have known you for my whole life. And the only reason your brother and that by-stander stopped you at the worst times, is because everyone, and i mean everyone has a place on this earth. I know what it's like to go through a divorce and thinking it's your fault. My dad left my mom with me and my four sisters last year. I thought it was my fault, but it wasnt mine, it was his. He wanted to leave and so he did. I still haven't talked to him since." He spoke as he stared into my eyes, leaving me hanging over everyword he just said.

"R-Really? I-I didn't know." I stuttered, as i didnt know what to say as i was still in shock.

"And i would like to help you get through this. We can do it. Together." He said, grabbing my hand and squeezing it, making my cheeks turn a bright shade of red.

We walked back to the park and to the family bathroom, where he cleaned my arms off. He then walked me to my house.

When we got there i turned around and said, "Thank you Louis. For being there for me when no one else was, and saving me." 

I grabbed his arm and a pen out of my purse and wrote my number on his arm.

"Text me sometime." I said smiling as he grabbed his phone out right then and texted me.


 From; 404-125-6734 (made this number up off the top of my head.)
   Hey love(:

 To; 404-125-6734
    Hey babe(:


I saved his number into my phone under the name "Lou<3'

He gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek.

"Bye Louis. Thank you for today" I said as he made his way down the stairs.

"Bye Natalie. I'll text you later." He winked and walked down the road.

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