Change My Mind ( a Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Right as she tought her world was falling apart or as her mom thought, everything was finally going into place, she was ready to kill herself. She had tried a few times before, but that's another story. In this Romantic love story, full of hatred and love, Natalie Farmer's world is turned upside down by one boy, whom she meets at the local park, in a secret place where she cuts herself. He nearly saves her life, but will he be enough to save her forever? With a Little help and few promises, He thinks he can turn her whole world around. Make her feel better about herself. But what if it doesn't work? Maybe she can get what she has always wanted, death. He has to be care ful about what to say. One little thing can make her go off. Could he do it? One can only hope. "I made a promise to my self that day that i was gonna make you stop cutting." - Louis Tomlinson.


5. The tour.

"Hello, there." Louis mother walked into the room as I gave each of Louis' sisters a hug.

"I'm Natalie." I said hugging her.

"I'm Jay." She replied, "Are you staying for dinner tonight?"

"Yes ma'am." I said taking everything in. His house was beautiful. It wasn't small but yet it wasn't big.

"Nat? Hello? Earth to Natalie!" Lou said as I snapped back into reality.

"Oh, um, yeah?" I asked.

"Well I asked if you wanted to come see my room?" He said as he started walking up stairs so I followed.

We got to his room and surprisingly It was clean.. Enough. There were a few shirts here and there. And let me tell you this boy has a obsession with TOMS. It's not even funny. There are about a million pairs laying around. He had pictures of him and his family on his wall. I thought his room was very nice. The walls were red. He had a desk in one room. A part of his room for his music. And the bed in the middle. I plopped down on the bed and I sunk into it.

"I really like your room" I said.

"Thank you! It took for ever to decorate." He replied. I didn't know why but I felt comfortable and his mom made me even more. I absolutely loved his family, and his house it was absolutely beautiful. I loved being here.

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