Change My Mind ( a Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Right as she tought her world was falling apart or as her mom thought, everything was finally going into place, she was ready to kill herself. She had tried a few times before, but that's another story. In this Romantic love story, full of hatred and love, Natalie Farmer's world is turned upside down by one boy, whom she meets at the local park, in a secret place where she cuts herself. He nearly saves her life, but will he be enough to save her forever? With a Little help and few promises, He thinks he can turn her whole world around. Make her feel better about herself. But what if it doesn't work? Maybe she can get what she has always wanted, death. He has to be care ful about what to say. One little thing can make her go off. Could he do it? One can only hope. "I made a promise to my self that day that i was gonna make you stop cutting." - Louis Tomlinson.


8. Promises.

When I woke up, I was still in Louis' arms. I grabbed my phone from under my pillow and checked the messages. 

'I hope you die.' 

'Slut, your a whore' 

'your a stupid hoe' 

'ugly friendless loser'


"Louis." I shook him awake.

"Yes love?" he asked.

"They still won't stop. Look." I said showing him the messages.  

"we're going to get your number today." he said.

"Okay." I said as a few tears slipped down my face.

"Love don't cry. Were gonna put a stop to this. Okay? They don't deserve your tears." he said. 

We each got a shower and he put on back what he had on. We walked out side hand in hand, fingers intertwined. We walked to Verizon. 

"Welcome to Verizon!" A lady called out. We walked up to her.

"Hello ma'am we need to get her number changed." Louis said.

"Okay what was your old one?" she asked and I told her.

"Okay well we're gonna have to do a reset on your phone so take your memory card out and I'll tell you the steps." I took my memory card out and she told me the steps and it reset.

"Thank you ma'am." I said.

"Your welcome doll." she said.  Me and Louis walked out.

"Thank you louis. For everything." I said kissing him on the lips.

"I'm glad of the way you handled this situation. You called me instead of cutting." he said grabbing my arm ,flipping it over, and pulled my sleeve up so my cuts were visible. He looked me in the eyes and kissed up my arm. "I don't want you doing this anymore babe. Please don't hurt your self anymore. Cause these scars remain with you forever. If you have trouble I'm just one call away. And I'll be there." I nodded and he stood up strait, grabbed my hand and we walked to the park. We walked to the back of the forest to the swing.

"Louis why are we here? This place leaves bad memories. Can we please go.?" I said feeling very uncomfortable.

"Let's swing." he said and pulled me to the swing. He sat me in his lap and I looked up and he had tears welling up in his eyes.

"I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I made a promise to my self that I was gonna make you stop cutting," he said the tears spilling over, "I think I did both of us a favor saving you that day. My mom.. She is going through hell right now. Five kids to watch after? I couldn't do that and manage a job. I don't understand how she manages it all. I'm sorry Natalie." He wiped his eyes and stared off into space.

"Louis. Look at me please. I know we have only been dating for a few days but, I want you to know that I'm here for you. And I may not have of made a promise that day like you, but I'm making one now. And I promise you Louis that if you need anything and I mean anything I am there. I-I love you." I spoke.  He stared at me dumbfounded like I had just shot someone.

"What was that Natalie?" he asked.

"I said. I-I love you. I really mean it. But sorry if I was too fast." I spoke.  

"No, no. You weren't fast at all. I love you too Natalie. So much." he said looking down, using two fingers to grab my chin and mad me look at him. He crashed our lips together. I would never get over our kisses. Every kiss felt like the first. He had the softest of lips. He pulled away an stared into my eyes.

"you have the most prettiest eyes I have ever seen." he whispered.

"No I don't. There an ugly Brown. Your eyes are beautiful." I said.

"No. Your eyes are prettier." he said, and crashed his lips on mine before I could say anything back.  I stood up and he followed.  "C'mon Nat. I have a few people for you to meet. There sweet. I'll give you a piggy back ride there."

"Do you think they'll like me.?" I asked getting on his back.

"Oh yes!" he said laughing and walking.  When we got there he put me down on my feet. He rang the door bell and a guy with blonde hair answered.

"Louis! Oh hello. Who's this?" he asked gesturing to me.

"Oh that's my girl friend, Natalie." he said.  

"Oh we'll I'm Niall." Niall said. We walked inside and everyone's head turned towards me.

"Everyone this is my girlfriend Natalie." he said.

"I'm Harry." the curly headed one said.

"I'm Zayn" Sai the one with black hair.

"And I'm Liam." said the last one with a buz cut.

"Hey." I said softly. "Um..... Wheres the bathroom?" I asked.

"Up the hall, second door to the right." Liam answered. I turned toward Louis and pecked him on the lips. 

**Louis' POV** 

"You got your self a keeper there." Harry said.

"Yeah. She is isn't she?" I asked.

"You really like her, don't you mate?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah. I really do." I replied, "And I swear to god, if any of you try anything on her I will personally kick all of y'alls asses. She has already been through a lot of shit. She don't need no more. Got it?" I said being beyond serious. They all nodded there heads as she walked back in and say down on my lap. 

"So, any of you got girlfriends?" She asked. Harry and Niall both raised their hands.

"What's there names?" She questioned.

"Callie." Harry answered.

"Chase." Niall said blushing a little.

"Call them over. I want them to meet Natalie." I said.

"Oh. Louis I'm not so sure about that.." she said trailing off.

"nonsense. They'll love you like I do." I whispered.

"Callie is on her was as of.... Now." Harry spoke up, knocking us out of our trance.

"Chase will be over in like ten minutes. She has to get ready." Niall said. 

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