Change My Mind ( a Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Right as she tought her world was falling apart or as her mom thought, everything was finally going into place, she was ready to kill herself. She had tried a few times before, but that's another story. In this Romantic love story, full of hatred and love, Natalie Farmer's world is turned upside down by one boy, whom she meets at the local park, in a secret place where she cuts herself. He nearly saves her life, but will he be enough to save her forever? With a Little help and few promises, He thinks he can turn her whole world around. Make her feel better about herself. But what if it doesn't work? Maybe she can get what she has always wanted, death. He has to be care ful about what to say. One little thing can make her go off. Could he do it? One can only hope. "I made a promise to my self that day that i was gonna make you stop cutting." - Louis Tomlinson.


9. Meating the girlfriends.

 **Natalie's POV**

Callie arrived about 15 minutes after she texted Harry. She had medium length dirty blond hair, with some very pretty  blue/green eyes. She was absolutely gorgeous. She walked over to Harry and sat beside him. He pecked her on the lips and said a simple 'hey babe.' 

She was wearing some skinny jeans, cause it was quite chilly outside today, a pretty crop top that was a plain purple, with some grey ugg boots , they had the buttons going up the side. She had very little makeup on and looked good with out it. 

"Hello! I'm Callie." When she spoke, her voice was soft and sweet, like she couldn't harm a thing. 

"I'm Natalie. It's nice to meet you!" I said shaking her hand, that she had reached out to me. 

We all talked to each other till Chase got to the house around 20 minutes later. 

She walked in wearing some lose fitted jeans with a cute blue flowery top that was laced in the back showing her grey tank top, the shirt really brought out her hazel eyes. She also had on some grey moccasins. Her beautiful brown hair was pulled up into a high, but messy, ponytail. 

She walked up to me and said the same thing Callie did, and then walked to Niall and sat in front of him on the floor. He leaned down and kissed her head. A small blush creeped it's way onto her cheeks. 

**3rd Person POV**

The five boys and 3 girls all sat around talking and getting to know each other. That mostly went for the other four boys, and three girls. They barely knew each other.  Anyone could tell by the look Zayn had something else, other than his company, on his mind. The first one to realize this was Liam. 

"Hey, Zayn," he spoke only in a whisper to his band mate, who quickly turned his head to face him, "are you okay? Theres something else on your mind. And I know it." 

"Well mate. I just don't know why  I didn't bring up Mackenzie. I mean yeah she's stubborn but i fell as if the would get along really well."The black haired boy spoke to the only one who knew of his secret lover, not even paparazzi knew about it. Liam just simply nodded his head and they both turned back to the others. 

**Louis' POV** 

As I was talking to Harry, I was keeping an eye on Natalie. I didn't understand why though. She was perfectly fine, I just felt as if she was mine now and I didn't want to lose her as of now. 

After an hour of just joking around and talking, Zayn cleared his throat, and everyone turned to look at him. He then started speaking "Guys, Girls. I just needed to make this clear with you guys. I have had a girlfriend for about a month and a half now. Her name is Mackenzie, and she is on her way over her. So please I beg of you all to make her feel welcome." 

"Okay, but what are we having for diner.?" Niall asked. None of us knew what we were eating. 

"I'll cook something! My mum showed me how to make this really good chicken casserole." Natalie spoke up. We all agreed that was fine. 

"Can two of y'all go get what I need though.?" she asked. Harry and Callie offered to drive. Mackenzie arrived right after they left. Harry and Callie arrived shortly after.  Natalie took the grocery bags and went to the kitchen and started cooking. She came back in when it was in the oven.   

**Natalie's POV** 

I set up the diner table with plates, forks, napkins and glasses.  Mackenzie was pretty for Zayn. She  had  black hair that went down to her chest. Very pretty dark brown eyes and long eyelashes. I noticed that she caked makeup on her face and you could tell she had to much mascara on. She could barley open and close her eyes normal speed. 

As I came back into the living room she was giving me some what of a dirty look, but I ignored it and walked over to Louis. He looked good today for wearing what he wearing yesterday. A plain green tee with some regular blue jeans and of course TOMS. 

I sat  in his lap and talked to Callie about just random stuff. We talked until the oven timer went off and i got up to get the food out of the oven.  After we all ate, I told Louis that I had to get home. We walked down the road hand in hand. When we got to my house I turned to him and he kissed me. As we kissed I could feel the fireworks exploding in my stomach. His moist lips melted into mine, and when I pulled away,

I could barely catch my breath to say, "I love you Louis. Goodnight." 

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