Change My Mind ( a Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Right as she tought her world was falling apart or as her mom thought, everything was finally going into place, she was ready to kill herself. She had tried a few times before, but that's another story. In this Romantic love story, full of hatred and love, Natalie Farmer's world is turned upside down by one boy, whom she meets at the local park, in a secret place where she cuts herself. He nearly saves her life, but will he be enough to save her forever? With a Little help and few promises, He thinks he can turn her whole world around. Make her feel better about herself. But what if it doesn't work? Maybe she can get what she has always wanted, death. He has to be care ful about what to say. One little thing can make her go off. Could he do it? One can only hope. "I made a promise to my self that day that i was gonna make you stop cutting." - Louis Tomlinson.


6. Dinner.

**Louis POV**

"Louis! Natalie! Dinners ready!" My mum called. We both got up and walked downstairs and sat down at the dinner table as my mum brought the food in. Tonight we were having Chicken Pasta. Lottie went around and filled our glasses with sweet tea, and we each filled our plates.

"Do you say grace, Natalie?" Daisy asked while mum nodded encourging her.

"Before I eat and before I go to bed." She replied. Dasiy and Phoebe said grace together and we started eating.

"Thank your for dinner Mrs. Tomlinson." Natalie spoke putting her fork down.

"Please, Call me Jay. And you are very welcome." Mum said.

**Natalies POV**

"Natalie! Natalie! Come play with us!" Pheobe said. Her and Daisy each grabbed one of my hands pulling me to their room and we played barbies.

After we played for a little bit I spoke up, "Well girls, I had fun playing barbies, but I think I should go hang out with your brother some, before i leave."

"Okay! Thank you for playing with us." Daisy said, as I was leaving thier room.

I walked upstairs to Louis' room and walked in. He was laying on his bed playing on his phone. I walked up to his bed and sat down beside him.

"Hey you." He said poking me in the cheek.

"Hey," I spoke softly, "whatcha doing?"

"Nothing just messing around on twitter." He said.

"Sounds fun," I said, "Louis do you want to walk me home? I don't like walking by myself in the dark."

"Yeah! Sure, Lets go!" He said getting up, pulling me with him.

"I'LL BE BACK MUM." He yelled leaving the house. As we were walking our hands kept brushing agianst each other and he finally just grabbed my hand and laced our finers toghether and we walked to my house.

When we got there he stopped out in front of my door. He looked deep in my eye and as if he found what he was looking for, he leaned in, slowly. Our lips brushed against one another's. This felt right. Like we were made for eatch other. We melted perfectly together, and I never wanted to move.

He pulled away breathless, "That was....... amazing." All i could do was nod my head, I could form no words.

"Goodnight Natalie." He said, kissing me once on the cheek.

"Night Louis." I whispered, as he walked away.

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