In The End

Some say the world will end in fire, others say in ice but what happens when niether happens. A zomie apocalypse happens no fire nor ice just zombies hungry for human flesh. Three girls havbe been preping for when this day to happen and to their suprise it does.


2. Chapter Two

Jez, Maya and I are all riding in Jez's truck to pick up a few containers of gas. We bought like 20. Then walking towards us was a..a thing with flesh falling from it. It's started. I Grabbed my bow and shot it in the head. I walked closer to it when the thing fell. It's a zombie.

"GET IN THE TRUCK!" I yelled while running towards the truck.

We hopped in and drove away. It has started. To all the people who thought we were crazy  I TOLD YOU SO! I looked out of the window and zombies every where! This is some scary shit. Jez speeded out of Owen Sound and about two hours later we were in Toronto.I could only tell that it was from the C.N. tower in the distence. We drove passed the tower and I noticed that there were people standing on one of the small buildings in front of the tower.

"Jez stop the truck."

"Why we have to get out of here and fast."

"But I want to help those people!"

"FINE! But you are on your own."

Jez drove back a little bit. I jumped out of the truck and ran over. I hit the zombies surronding the little building with arrows.


They all jumped down and ran toward me. I got in the truck and they followed. I turned around to actully see them.

"Ok so there is some more bags with amo and five extra guns. Each of you take one and only shoot the zombies. only shoot a person if the are being attacked. Got that?" Maya said.

The two nodded. Their faces were really pale. I hope they will not get us killed. I think Jez said that we are going to the States or close to the boreder.  I wonder how long this will last for.

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