In The End

Some say the world will end in fire, others say in ice but what happens when niether happens. A zomie apocalypse happens no fire nor ice just zombies hungry for human flesh. Three girls havbe been preping for when this day to happen and to their suprise it does.


5. Chapter Five

Well we really can't be mad at the boys because, well they helped us. Even though they didn't listen to us, they still helped. Maybe they aren't heartless. I was starring out the window like normal, then I spotted at least 20 zombies surronding a tree.

"Jez, stop the truck I want to see something."

At first she was hesatained, but then stopped the truck. I opened up the sun roof and climbed out on top of the truck. I grabbed onto a branch and climbed up the tree. At first I saw nothing, thinking it was just an animal. But then I heard some one whine. I climbed a bit higher and saw some one hugging the tree for dear life.

"Get on my back."



The whiney kid finally shut up, then she climbed on my back. I got down from the tree and dropped her in the truck, then went in after.

"Who's that?" Every one asked.

"The thing that the zombies were after, I don't know her name....." I trailed off.

"What's you're name shorty?" Jez asked her.


"HEY LOOK! ZOMBIES!" Jax yelled. I face palmed and smacked him. I told them to go up and fight and Jez and I would stay behind to see if the kid got bit.  I was inspecting her left arm, then I saw it clear as day.

"Kid, looks like you've been bite." I handed her a grenade. "Take this and get all of those zombies to go after you, when they've surronded you pull the pin." She noded and got out of the truck.

"FALL BACK!" Jez yelled. The boys and Maya came back into the truck. Some slugs followed, put Justin shot at them. Kelsey backed up the truck. Soon latter a explosion, we took that as our que to leave.


I looked out of the window and saw a sign that said "Welcome To Albany, Oregon."

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