My Knight in Shining Armor

" So I heard you were talking about me." "Well if your from my school it was most likely shit" I said annoyed. "Good thing I'm not from your school then," the voice said laughing. Im pretty sure I heard another laugh too "Just leave me alone I have a knife," I said causiously reaching for my knife. "Oh, ya sure, " said a diffrent higher but still husky voice. I spun around and flipped out my knife "I do and just LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE" I said shouting the last part. "sorry" said both the voices in unison. I didn't say anything because who was infront of me surprised the hell out of me. I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging out.


1. Chapter 1

(Alexandra's POV) "Midget," Drake said for the who knows how many times this year. I just glared at him angriley and went to my place in line as he went to the outfield. We were playing indoor kickball with the boys in gym and luckily I wasn't on Drake's team and even more lucky I was on Fall's team. She's my BEST friend in this school and the world. When it was my turn I kicked the ball across the room and ran to the base. I made it before the ball could. That was when we had to go change. Drake continued calling me midget whenever he saw me. It made me mad but I go through the day. We only had 1 more day of school left so I just live through it.
I went up to the park with Fall and David another one of my friends little brothers. Me and Fall had to watch him. We made it up to the park but Fall had to leave a couple minutes later. I was ok with it and waited for Jill, my other friend, and Jasmine, my sister, get up to the park. Jake, the guy my sister had a crush on, was with them. They had to talk about stuff so I couldn't hang with them. After a while I said I had a headache and went home. On my way home I started crying praying to god that one day I would meet One Direction and I could go on tour with them and get away from all this. When I got home I went up to my room. I looked down at my pocket knife that was down on my dresser that was next to my bed. I reached for it but stopped. I promised myself I would never cut and I never had. After meeting Drake and him starting to call me midget I have wanted to but two things have stopped me. Fall, she's my best friend and would most likely kill me for doing it, and one direction, they get hate everyday but they don't quit. I look up to Fall and one direction. They get me through life.         
It was the last day of school and I was happy. Me and Fall talked about summer and One Direction all day. That was the funnest day of school EVER. I didn't go to the park that day. I looked at my Ipod that day after school. And no it's not a phone just an Ipod. I thought about that day at school it was sssoooo fun. I looked through my pictures. They were mostly of Harry Styles from one direction. He is so sexy. I went to sleep thinking about him and smiles for the first time in days.

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