Don't Let It Get To You....

this is my story...most people are the type where they are faced with life or death situations, or their abused. until they meet someone that completes them. no not me. i had a great life all up until i met a group of boys. i thought it would turn out one way but it ended up going a whole 'nother DIRECTION.


1. Last Day

(Annie's P.O.V)

I start to pick up my pace as i enter the doors of my favorite school, Forks High School. I am going to miss this place. I was always prom queen and homecoming queen. Always have been the cheer captan since i started here in 7th grade. I have long blonde waves, bright blue eyes and i am 5'6. Not to tall but not to short either, i think i'm somewhat a moderate hight. I am 18 and i'm moving this afternoon. its only the middle of the school year. i walk into the gym as i do every morning, to find my best friend Lucy. we have been best friends ever since i can remember. I am her rock. i guess you could say i'm tougher than her. i was the first girl to ever take wood shop at my school. AND might i add i got an A in it. but she is the brains in our friendship. she is the shy one and she is quiet and doesn't like to make a ton of eye contact. but that is just her outer shell. i love her and would kick somebody's ass again for her if i needed to. yes i said again. her ex boyfriend was a total douschbag. he would get wasted all the time and he did drugs and he would hit her and cheat on her and do mean things to her, yet she still kept going back to him. i never understood why. she never stayed on the topic long enough for me to ask. she has lived with me since we were in 8th grade. her parents were in a huge 8 car collision car accident and her parents were the only ones who didn't survive. but she did get injured very badly, she was in coma for 2 months and those were the worst two months of my life. even after that she never acted the same. she would sit at our house and sit in her room staring at a picture of them calling their phones, knowing she wont get an answer, "hey!!! this is Tanya, Jarred and Lucy's house call again some other time, we're probably out being happy!!! (unison) Thanks for calling!!! *mixed family laughter* i shake my memory as my eyes start to fill up. i blink the water away and take a deep breath. since her parents have died and she doesn't have any other siblings or relatives anywhere near her, she has come to stay with me, my older brother Brennon and my mum and pop. she has always been apart of my family though, even before the crash. we would hang out after school everyday. we have been neighbors since the 4th grade and we have had our secret meeting place ever since. it was a little tree house in a tree that separates our two side by side yards and our dads built it together along with some nail and hammer holders from us. we had gone up there everyday after school since we built it. we bring something up there almost every week to "decorate" we still have our handprints on there from when we first put the color on the walls. you can see the pencil marks where we used to measure each other every month on the 12th. i don't know why we always do it on the 12th we just always have. i walk in and smile at her. she is tired. since we live in the same house i know it seems kinda silly for her to ride the bus in the mornings and me get dropped off but she insisted and that is just what she has done since she was little so we just let her. she moans at me and tries to smile but i know she is just about to pass out. she tries to lean on my should as i say good morning, but i move to quick for her and she falls over and hits her head on the bleacher. "owwwwww....." she slowly moans out with squinted tired eyes. "i never understand why you ride the bus in the morning." i say trying to grab the brush from my backpack so i can brush out her wild morning hair as i do everyday. she has never been a morning person. she has never really been super motivated she just kinda goes with the flow in the mornings. what she wakes up with is what she gets. but i love her to death and i couldn't live without doing her makeup in the mornings at school. "i honestly don't know either." she says in her morning voice just as high pitched and quiet as ever. "are you all packed up for the big move tomorrow?" i asked trying to claw through her giant knot in her hair. "ya...." she managed to get out before yawning making tears well up in her eyes. i started fish-tail braiding her long brown wavy hair, she kept squirming around which made me think of squid and squid leads to sushi and sushi leads to sumo restlers,  "stop squirming around like a sumo restler!!" i shouted at her. she started giggling and smiling. but then her ex, tyler. i knew what was going to happen.  he just had to walk in the gym. i looked over at her. she was staring at him with sad eyes. memories flooded my head. i saw her eyes completely fill with tears as she stood up dragging me to the restroom. i quickly grabbed my make-up bag knowing i would need it after this "chat". when we reached the bathroom, she locked the door behind her, she stood in front of the mirror just looking at her reflection. she started balling right then and there. she fell into my arms as the memories flooded back into my thoughts again...


"LUCY!!! UNLOCK THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!!!" i yelled at her. "No." she simply replied, not yelling or showing any emotion, well not to the normal ear. i knew what she was doing and wasnt afraid to kick in her door. "LUCY IM GIVING YOU ONE MORE CHANCE, THEN IM COMING IN....." she didnt reply. that scared me so much. i kicked down her door with one kick. the door swung open and i saw that her sheets were scattered all around the floor. the pictures of her and tyler, this was their 3rd time breaking up this month. i never understood why she kept going back to him. she could do so much better. i snapped out of my daze and started wondering where she was. "lucy?" i said. no reply. "LUCY!?" i started looking under the bed. nothing. in the closet. nothing. i stood there in dismay. "THE BATHROOM!!!!" i yelled to myself. i rushed in there. she was laying in the shower with a blade off of a shaver. there was blood. everywhere. not just a few little drips, but what looked like a gallon. "Oh My God!! Mum!!! Call an ambulance!!!!" i grabbed her lifeless body in my arms and she didnt move. i tried to talk to her. i grabbed a near by towel that had blood all over it probabely trying to stop the bleeding, and applied preasure to her cuts. they were all up and down her arms. they made me sick to even look at them. i have always hated the sight and smell of blood. i know people say blood doesnt have a smell but i can smell it. i really can. it smells like salt and rust. i just want to throw up so bad. i try and hold it in, still aplying preasure to the wounds. the paramedics rush in and take her from me at that moment i rush over to the lou and let the chunks flow.


"Annie? Are you listening? I said im not feeling well and i want to go home." lucy practically whispered to me. "okay let me just go get our bags you go start the car here are my keys." i start touching up my make-up and lucy's. she doesnt need make-up but always has insisted on wearing it. i finally get done to my satisfactory and i walk out the door with lucy behind me. "ill be out in 2 minuites" i say "okay" she replies. i walk into the gym once more and i am greeted by my favorite teacher mr. Downing. he is my chemistry teacher. he is only 23. He is a true sweet heart. very polite. very funny also. i wave and he runs up to me and hugs me. "happy last day Annie!!!" he says "haha yeah, not so happy so far. im going to miss this place." i reply. "well we are going to miss you, the student council and i have put together a little gift for you and luce." "oh no, what is it?" he hands me a CD and smiles, on the front it says "To my favorite student" he has always been like an older brother to me. we joke around and mess with each other. i smile and say thank you. i walk to get my things and grabbed lucys backpack. i really am going to miss this place. i walk out of the school for the last time and i stand there in the sprinkling rain, and just stand there. i think about all i have done here. all of my accomplishments. i am completely satisfied with my years here. i smile and turn towards the car and start walking. 


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