The Reble and the Goodie Goodie

Roxanne and Jasmine live a normal life... Hahahahaah no. They live in Pretty Town where anything is possible. Oh and did I mention everyone there has been operated on to look absolutely perfect. But in Roxanne and Jasmine's life its not so perfect. You know living with five hot guys things can get a little heated. Dark secrets and forbidden love, what could go wrong?


4. Harry's talk.

Harry pulled Jasmine over to the side. He needed to get something off his chest but just didn't know how to come out and say it.

"So um I've been wanting to tell you this for a while but I just didn't know how and I was scared you would turn me down and uh I just um..-Harry

"Go on Harry, you can tell me any thing."-Jasmine

"When we first met in middle school I couldn't keep my eyes off you.. I just wanted you in my arms, I want to keep you safe and protect you from any harm. I know we were young but those feeling were so strong and they still are--Harry

Jasmine stopped Harry's talking by kissing him lightly on the lips.

"I'm guessing you feel the same way?"-Harry 'smile'

"Of course Harold"-Jasmine

"So does this mean we are an item?"-Harry

"I don't know..."-Jasmine

Harry's face fell but Jasmine smiled.

"No ones asked me yet"-Jasmine

Harry was relieved thinking he was getting rejected before.

"Then, will you Jasmine be my girlfriend?"-Harry


Harry pulled Jasmine in for another kiss that was sweet and passionate; sparks were practically flying everywhere. Louis was standing in the corner watching this whole scene. He stared at the new couple with jealousy, hurt, and anger. He new Jasmine never noticed him; he was just a shadow in the dark to her. But he was ready to come out. He walked over to the bar and started to drink his cares away.

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