The Reble and the Goodie Goodie

Roxanne and Jasmine live a normal life... Hahahahaah no. They live in Pretty Town where anything is possible. Oh and did I mention everyone there has been operated on to look absolutely perfect. But in Roxanne and Jasmine's life its not so perfect. You know living with five hot guys things can get a little heated. Dark secrets and forbidden love, what could go wrong?


2. Getting Ready

Jasmine got up and walked into her room while dragging Roxanne with her. They were getting ready for the big party. After about three hours of a bunch of yelling and loud noises Roxanne and Jasmine came out all dressed up. Jasime was wearing a poofy emerald green dress that goes below her knees. It had sparkles and glitter everywhere. Her hair was even curlier and even bigger. She was smiling and all happy while Roxanne looked rather pissed off. Roxanne was wearing a pink cocktail dress that was thigh high. There was a giant pink bow in her hair and silver glittery strands.

"But Jasmine, I don't wanna go dressed like this."-Roxanne

"Too bad! You look beautiful! You need to wear more color!"-Jasmine

"I do wear color, the color of red and black"-Roxanne 'Giving a duhh face'

Jasmine ignored Roxanne's comment and walked down the long hall like it was a catwalk, into the living room, where the boys were waiting all ready to go. The boys were sitting on the couch and turned around to see Miriam. Harry stood up.

"Jasmine.. You look... Fantastic!"-Harry

"Why thank-you Harry, you look fantastic too"-Jasmine

Harry blushed and walked over to Jasmine. He took her hand and led her by the door. Louis gave Harry death glares. Roxanne walked into the living room while crossing her arms. Liam saw her and his mouth dropped opened. He quickly shut it before anyone could notice.

"I'm changing. I don't want to wear this."-Roxanne

"Go change if it makes you happy.. but you look stunning in anything"-Liam

Roxanne rolled her eyes and left the room. Ten minutes later she came back. She was wearing a dark purple dress with black lace trim. It went down to the middle of her thighs. She wore black skinny jeans under it with a pair of black heels. She took the bow out, but kept her down with the silver stands. Liam looked her up in down. It looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Liam shook his head quickly to snap himself out of it.

"Like I said you look stunning in anything"-Liam

"Okay... Now lets go party!"-Roxanne

Everyone nodded and headed out the door.

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