The Reble and the Goodie Goodie

Roxanne and Jasmine live a normal life... Hahahahaah no. They live in Pretty Town where anything is possible. Oh and did I mention everyone there has been operated on to look absolutely perfect. But in Roxanne and Jasmine's life its not so perfect. You know living with five hot guys things can get a little heated. Dark secrets and forbidden love, what could go wrong?


3. Entering The Party

They took a hover cab to the party. Yes i said hover cab, that's just how things roll over in Pretty Town. The party was across town but they got there quickly. Jasmine was the first one out of the cab when they pulled up to the enormous building and Roxanne was the last. The group walked up the giant white steps that led to the decorated doors. Jasmine pushed open one of the doors and entered. Everyone piled in, but Roxanne stayed behind for a second. The party was just starting when the group minus Roxanne walked in. They looked around at all the fun decor. The two doors opened at once; Roxanne entered the room. The atmosphere instantly changed to a wild party. Some people, that the rest of the group didn't know, greeted Roxanne with handshakes, head nods, and even a few hugs. The group looked at Roxanne with confused expressions, being that they only hung out with each other.

"How do you know those people?"-Liam

"..old friends?"-Roxanne

Liam gave Roxanne a 'your up to something' look but quickly shook it off. Zayn went over to the bar and Niall went to the dance floor. Harry took Miriam over to the side to talk to her. Again Louis glared at Harry. Liam took Roxanne hand.

"What are you dong?"-Roxanne

"Oh I'm sorry.."-Liam

"No it's fine"-Roxanne

Liam smiled and led Roxanne over by the curtains that covered the window.

"What are we doing here?"-Roxanne

"Just wanted to try something"-Liam

Roxanne gave Liam a confused look. He took Roxanne behind a curtain and kissed her full on the lips. He tilted back his head to make the kiss more intense. Roxanne was shocked at first but kissed back. Liam licked the bottom of Roxanne's lip begging for entry. Roxanne excepted by parting her lips a bit. Liam explored her mouth with his tongue. Roxanne put her arms around his neck as Liam put his hands on her hips.

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