The Reble and the Goodie Goodie

Roxanne and Jasmine live a normal life... Hahahahaah no. They live in Pretty Town where anything is possible. Oh and did I mention everyone there has been operated on to look absolutely perfect. But in Roxanne and Jasmine's life its not so perfect. You know living with five hot guys things can get a little heated. Dark secrets and forbidden love, what could go wrong?


5. A Cinderella Moment

The clock struck 10. Roxanne's eyes opened wide as she was still snogging Liam. She quickly pulled away from Liam, leaving him with a confused look on his face. Roxanne slipped out of the curtain and walked quickly towards the giant doors. Liam walked after her, in pursuit to find out what was wrong.

"Roxanne! Wait up!"-Liam.

Roxanne turned her head back and looked at Liam but turned to her destination. She had to get out before she was late. She quickened her pace and bobbed her way threw the dance floor. Liam followed just as quickly with no problem. Roxanne broke free of the many drunken people grinding one another.

She opened the two big doors and crisp night air hit her face. Her head snapped back to see if she lost Liam in the crowd. To her annoyance, he stumbled out and locked eyes with her. Liam hurried towards Roxanne as she started to run down the marble stairs.

Being her clumsy self she missed a step and fell into the hard white and gray stone. She winced in pain but shook it off as Liam gasped in the background. He went to help her up but she had already rode away into the darkness on a speedy hover board, which wasn't even hers.

His head fell down and his eye caught a glimpse of something shiny.He sharped his gaze and saw Roxanne's bracelet. Her bracelet that never came off her wrist. It was a bunch of green purple and brown string with a few metal pieces and attached to that was a leaf. The symbol of life. Liam had to get it back to her, but he cant now. He will have to wait and that is exactly what he did.

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