The Reble and the Goodie Goodie

Roxanne and Jasmine live a normal life... Hahahahaah no. They live in Pretty Town where anything is possible. Oh and did I mention everyone there has been operated on to look absolutely perfect. But in Roxanne and Jasmine's life its not so perfect. You know living with five hot guys things can get a little heated. Dark secrets and forbidden love, what could go wrong?


1. Morning!

Roxanne came out of her room in her usual black lacy top, black skinny jeans, red flats, and a red lip. Her hair was up in a high pony tail with her signature silky red floppy bow. Roxanne strut into the living room where everyone was eating pancakes that Jasmine made and plopped herself down next to Zayn. She was, how do I put this, a bad ass. She didn't give a dam about what people said about her. Jasmine on the other hand was girly. She was wearing white long sleeve shirt, floral skirt with a brown belt, and brown ankle booties. Her hair was down in curls. They were complete opposites but best friends no matter what. 

"I heard that there is a party tonight. The only problem is it's bring a date."-Zayn

"Are you trying to ask me something?"-Roxanne

"No! I didn't mean it in that way! I was asking everybody.."-Zayn

"Good cuz it would have been a big fat no"-Roxanne

"We all should go! It would be very nice! For all of us to get together and hang out and bond. It will be like a big mo--"-Jasmine

Roxanne threw a pillow at Jasmine to shut her face.

"That wasn't nice Roxanne..."-Liam

"Who asked you?"-Roxanne


"But we should go, you know I love to party!!"-Roxanne

"Okay, but who should our dates be? Or temporary dates.."-Jasmine

"I'll go with you Jasmine"-Harry


"Roxanne? Can I go with you?"-Liam

"Sure whatever.."-Roxanne



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