Become Spontaneous

Cheryl (Cherry) Prescott is a quiet girl on the outside but is really a very sly and violent girl. Bored of her same routines, she unexpectedly meets two boys who teach her how to rule the world!


13. You Don't Say

The next day I was called to the principal's office, I wonder who told? He questioned me but I stared blankly at him and lied. I lied without batting an eyelash, and he believed me. That mask I made had some positives but I really wondered who told, so I stared at him. Piercing invisible daggers into him seem to have worked. What I saw almost made me jump from my seat. I saw his 'thoughts' leak out of him. His childhood, his future, they were all there for me to see. And what I saw was that bitch, Sophie Vaness. She begged and cried,

"Cheryl Prescott did it!" She looked pitiful, "she scared the whole class! I mean, we all liked her, she was quiet and cute but then she tied my desk to that tree and called me a bitch! Then she started throwing everything else outside and forced the two Cramer brothers to help her!"

I looked outside at that tree, it was very old and big. I heard its been there even before the school was built. It was really special apparently, it was magical.

"Miss Prescott, did you hear what I just said?" How annoying this man was, he walked over to me and stroked my thigh, "I understand you are innocent, but we don't have any proof that you didn't do any of this. Your whole class saw you 'go hysterical', but I can be sure you get let off with-" I put I hand to his mouth, why are all the teachers here so disgusting?

"Mister principal, I will get your proof, so will you please stop touching me? Excuse me, I have a doctors appointment I must go to, bye bye." I got up but he grabbed my arm,

"That would be so troublesome, why don't you just pull down you pants and we can call it even." He put his hand in my pants and started tugging, I punched him, but instead of just getting pushed off, he flew to the other side of the room. The feeling I was feeling was familiar, like the time I made the man stop or when I demanded the twins to kneel. It was POWER and I was overflowing with it.

"Excuse me," I opened the door, "you should go to the hospital." I left and went to find Sophie. It was a good thing I didn't have to search long, she was waiting for me outside of his office.

"That was quick, he must have trouble holding it in, how was he? How did it feel to loose your card?" She sneered.

"I don't know what you mean, he wanted proof so I left to get him some, what are you doing here?" She laughed.

"You can look for all the proof you want, I'm here to make sure you experience hell. That principal, I don't even have to go all the way! I just have to show him my chests and he'll be crawling all over me," she pause and looked at my chest, it was bigger than her's, she must have felt intimidated, I smiled.

"I see, welp, I have to go... Can you go to the roof top later? The Cramer twins told me, they wanted to confess to you, they're so shy. I feel sorry though, they think that you're my best friend, how funny is that? How stupid they are..." I shook my head. She looked really haughty and satisfied, "Hey, who will you choose? Noel or Leon?"

"Well even if they are stupid, they both have good tastes to go after me! Obviously I'll choose them both, just think to have two hot boys, brothers no less, fighting over me! Well, I have to go make sure you get into trouble, see you later..." I can't wait till this bitch becomes crippled...

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