Become Spontaneous

Cheryl (Cherry) Prescott is a quiet girl on the outside but is really a very sly and violent girl. Bored of her same routines, she unexpectedly meets two boys who teach her how to rule the world!


11. My Mask Is Peeling

I went back to school after training over the week and I still haven't mastered Lola yet. I went into the classroom followed by the twins, I wished they had gone in before me. Way before me...

I sat down at my desk but I fell down, someone had loosened the bolts on my chair and that caused it to collapse under my weight, though I wasn't that heavy. I was only 90 lbs.! Noel and Leon ca,e over and helped me up and from the corner of my eyes I saw the girls scowl and the boys glare.

"Would you like me to take care of them? I have Michelle with me today~! I just named her, you are welcome to try her out yourself." I looked at his pocket as he turned it on, I shook my head.

At lunch I got a note to meet this 'boy' in the class, it was probably a note to lure me into those girls traps so they could d something to me. I walked into the class and sure enough, Sophie was there.

"Bitch, who do you think you are? The Cramer brothers are not to come close to you understand? They transferred her for me, they are MINE!" She was hysterical, I inhaled, I wish I had Lola right now.

"They don't belong to you,"I replied, she stared daggers at me. "they can hang out with whomever they want. Don't get cocky just because you're popular, it's no surprise they would rather hang out with me than with you and your butt ugly face." Sophie went over to me and smacked me.

"Know your place loner, you're not even in the same world as them like I am. Hell you think that standing up to me will work? I'll break you." I chuckled when she left, break me? I'll. Mess. Her. UP!
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