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Cheryl (Cherry) Prescott is a quiet girl on the outside but is really a very sly and violent girl. Bored of her same routines, she unexpectedly meets two boys who teach her how to rule the world!


15. Lola Goes To School

After the incident with Sophie, she'd coward in fear whenever I passed by her. Her rein over the school was stripped from her and I guess others noticed too, because I was still being harassed; there were others that decided 'Oh yea! Sophie's done now, I can take over!' The twin were still hanging out with me, and because of that the other girls at school automatically assume I'm a slut. I came in to class one day and my desk was covered in 'SLUT!" Or "Know your place" I looked for the new 'Sophie' but with no luck.

I continued practicing my aim on Lola, getting a little bit better everyday; one day I just said 'fuck it' and brought Lola to school with me. I don't remember why but I'm glad I did, the debt collectors were desperate for me; they came and invaded my school with guns and shoot everything in their sight so we had a lock down.

"Cherry, are you scared?" Noel asks, as he pulls on my sleeve. We were all in our class cramped in a supply closet, all 30 kids, had to hid in the small closet; it was too close for comfort.

"Would you like me to hug you so that you would feel safer?" Leon offered, I shook my head and heard scowls hiss quietly in the closet.

"Slut" someone mixed in that word while pretending to cough, but I was over them, as long as they didn't do anything physical I was fine; you know what they say... Something about words and names don't hurt but rocks do or something. Sorry, I don't use saying like that, they are stupid; but you know what I mean.

"Where is Cheryl Prescott! If you give her to us, no one will get hurt," the voice got closer and it paused, "ONLY some will get hurt!" I felt every one in the closet glare at me and before I knew it I was forced out of the closet and locked out.

"Push her out! Hurry close the door!" At least I found out who the new ring leader was, it was Marla Cannigs; she used to be Sophie's right hand and best 'student'. I felt stupid for not noticing, it's always in the movies anyways; it's the most cliche situation ever.


"Cherry! Wait, don't move we'll come out with you!" The twins yell, but I could hear them being restrained back.

"No Leon~ it's dangerous out there! Stay in here where it's safe!"
"Noel~ we need you! We can't let you go out there! You will definitely die!" The girls squeal in delight since I was no longer in the twins site.

"There she is!" I looked over to the entrance, three large men stood there with pistols. I didn't know what to do because Lola was in my backpack so I jumped put of the window. "Shit! Is she for real?" I was on the third floor but I knew my surroundings, there was a science class underneath my classroom that always had their window opened, I slipped in there and ran towards my locker.

The school was empty because everyone was hiding and walking around in the silent building, aside from the occasional gun shots here and there, it felt like I was playing real life COD. The blood rushed to my head as the excitement grows; I get to SHOOT people and not get sent to jail because this is counted as defense. As long as I didn't kill them, I could do anything! That's what I told myself, but deep down I was a little scared now having Noel and Leon by my side.

"I saw Cheryl jump out of the window so she's not on the third floor any more! Block off all exits!" The loudspeaker echoes the message through out the entire school. I ran to the main office to kill off the guy talking but happen to run pass Marla's locker, I ran backwards and shot a few holes in them for forcing me out of the closet and continued my mission.

On the way I ran into lots of people, before they could shoot me with their cheap guns I shot their hands and feet making them totally useless; then I continued on leavening them behind whining and groaning in pain. Personally I think pain is like revenge, there was a saying I heard, something bout a eye for a nose makes you half blind and ugly or something. Anyways it means revenge is bad, but I love it, it's punishment for being bad and it goes on forever.
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