Become Spontaneous

Cheryl (Cherry) Prescott is a quiet girl on the outside but is really a very sly and violent girl. Bored of her same routines, she unexpectedly meets two boys who teach her how to rule the world!


9. Guns Are Not Bad

I sigh again. I'm literally running out of breath, what am I going to do with these two boys? I go to my fridge and take out some eggs and milk.

"Are you guys hungry?" I ask them, of course they are! They probably skipped dinner yesterday... they nod. I motion for them to go sit at the table which wasn't a table that much of a table anymore. More like... old pieces of wood, that were about the size of small trays. I'm so poor... 

I set the eggs on their "table" and we ate in silence, awkwardly.

"You're a really good cook, Que-Cherry... hehe..." Leon gave me an awkward smile, what was he about to call me?

"R-right! Umm, so do you think we could start our tra-game today?" What's wrong with them today? Why are they being all... jumpy?

"What game?"I bluntly asked, I wasn't in the mood for "games". Then I remembered, they gave me a small hand gun yesterday, was I supposed to learn how to use it. "Wait, you mean that gun? I didn't ask before but... isn't handling a gun, I dunno... DANGEROUS?" Again, they smile. It starting to make me feel like they're forcing themselves to smile. Like they're HIDING something. I began to feel silly, they said 'we're gonna teach you how to rule the world! Horray! It's like, the most normal game to be playing ever!' *stupid grins burns holes in my body* How can they be so stupidly cute? It was like a puppy saying: 'won't you feed me? But I fed you like an hour ago. But-but-but I-I pooped it all out! Feed me some more?' No one can say no to that, that puppy can't help it, he pooped it out and now his tummy is empty, HE WILL NOW STARVE!

"Guns aren't dangerous, silly Cherry. Guns are friends, you see this?" Noel takes out a small gun with a chain of bullets attached to it's side. "This is Lola, I named it after you~" I looked at him, Lola and Cheryl have no relationship with each other at all. "She's super light, and very refined." He's stroking that gun, that's not normal.

"Are you by any chance... a FREAK?" I shot at him. He looked over at Leon and gave him that look that girls give to each other. The 'OMG, look at her, she dun know what she saying.' It made my eye twitch.

"The bottom line is Cherry, guns are not bad, they are protectors. It's just that some people use them for different things.

"Do you bring those to school?" If they did, that would mean trouble for me. they shook their heads though.

"We bring our tasers, it's a shame too, Lola really wanted to go to school and shoot bad people." They shook their heads in disappointment.



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