Become Spontaneous

Cheryl (Cherry) Prescott is a quiet girl on the outside but is really a very sly and violent girl. Bored of her same routines, she unexpectedly meets two boys who teach her how to rule the world!


10. Fine, Be Like That!

"Fine, lets go," I got the gun from my room and felt myself shake. Guns are friends, I reminded myself. 

"This is our house! It's not really that great but we like it!" Noel grinned, they had brought me to a run-down building a few minutes away from my house. They led me into a room that was filled with bullet shells and dried blood. I looked at them, "We like this room, it's sound proof so no one can hear people screaming when they are killed." Their eyes were filled with blood lust. Okay, I can be like that. As long as the people we kill are bad, I can do it.

"You know, this room? There were many people killed in here. I heard that this was the place where The Neolons hung out." The Neolons were a group of bad kids who decided that justice was pot. They would go so far as to even kill teachers who criticize them for doing drugs. "The boys brought girls in here and raped them in the blood of their victims. There was even a dead guy over in that corner over there," Leon pointed to the corner in front of me. "That guy was probably dead for a month before we found this place. He was half eaten and covered in-" I stopped him, they were telling me too much and I refuse to listen anymore.

I inhaled so I could sigh but realized it was a mistake, my nose filled with the metallic smell of blood and gun powder. I cringed, and sighed.

I looked at the walls, they were covered in target papers that only had holes near the center, they must have been training a lot. I held up the gun and aimed for the center, made some adjustments and shot. Of course I hit the middle, dead on. I realized that shoot a real gun wasn't that much different from C.O.D or MW. The only difference was the recoil but I got used to it quickly. After a few hours I decided I was bored with that gun.

"Let me borrow Lola, Noel," I extended my hand and he gave me her" Thanks..." Lola was really light, and she fit perfectly in my palm. I could see why Noel liked her so much, I raised my arm and aimed at the target. The feeling was very different from the first gun I missed the target completely. Lola was very hard to control, in order for me to even hit part of the target I was going to need to keep my arm in place, and that wasn't possible because Lola kept going all over the place. Fine, she can be like that, but I'll tame her one day and move on to the next gun.

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