Become Spontaneous

Cheryl (Cherry) Prescott is a quiet girl on the outside but is really a very sly and violent girl. Bored of her same routines, she unexpectedly meets two boys who teach her how to rule the world!


5. Adjusting

When I got home, I found a letter from my parents:

ur ofishally maryed 2 jasun shnel! we leaf our det in ur car! by by!

-mama, dada

I literally face palmed myself, they couldn't spell if their life depended on it. I assumed they married me off to some family for money, but I don't even know if they spelled his name correctly. I looked around the messed up apartment, it was quiet and very cold. I went in my room and changed then laid on my bed, I looked over to the picture of my family. When did they become so irresponsible? I had a brother but he disappeared somewhere, he left me and I couldn't help but clean after the mess.


I sat up, great... how did they find my house?

"Hello~!" I turned around and looked at my window, there they were. Noel and Leon Cramer, were at my window. They jumped in and asked me if I was ready, I was obviously not.


I looked at them, if they were here, who's at the door? I opened the door and there was a man in his late 40's  that was very... unappealing UGLY.

"Are you Cheryl Prescott? I'm Mr. Schnell, your father in law. I've come to pick you up, your husband, my son, is ecstatic to see you," he gave me that creeper smile. "hurry on now, get your stuff so-" I closed the door. This wasn't happening... my life. It's all screwed up now!

I felt the door being forced open, "Cheryl, OPEN THIS DOOR!" With all my might I forced it closed, I went for the lock but then I realized, my door didn't have a lock! There wasn't anything valuable to steal so we just left the door unlocked in the morning; then at night my dad pushed a shelf and some heavy stuff in front of the door to blockade it! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!! WHY LIFE! WHYYYYYY!!!

"Noel! Leon!" They poked their heads out from my room, "HELP!" Before I knew it, they were right by my side, pushing against the door without even trying. For once in my life, someone was there to help me. If my life were to be like this for forever, I wish they never leave my side.

"We won't," I looked at them as they say so simultaneously; it was like they had read my mind, "We won't ever leave your side, so you're not allowed to leave ours either, okay?" They smiled, it made me feel fuzzy... 


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