Become Spontaneous

Cheryl (Cherry) Prescott is a quiet girl on the outside but is really a very sly and violent girl. Bored of her same routines, she unexpectedly meets two boys who teach her how to rule the world!


14. Acting

I waited at the roof top along with the twins, they sat on the ground, fighting with each other like a couple of puppies. They weren't actually hitting, more like wrestling and were rolling all over the place. I sat on top the the door looking at the sky.

(A/N: It's kinda hard to explain but the door to the roof juts out so there's space on top of the 'door'. Kinda like this |[]| that's the front and then the sides look like this | | so there's a rectangle/square roof on the top. Hope this explains a little bit)

"When that girl comes, lure her near the edge... Pretend to fight over her, like tug on her arms or something and then chuck her over the ledge. You guys are sure you can catch her, right? Like you guys can fly?" The nod, I still looked at the sky, Sophie must be wondering why the twins have access to the roof top. Or you know, at least be curious; if not, she must be an idiot. The door opened and I saw Sophie walk towards the twins.

"Hello? Oh hey! What do you guys need? I can't help with whatever you want, just tell me!" Sophie was using her preppy additive towards them.

"Sophie, we both love you a lot." Noel steps forward, but Leon pulls him back.

"We always share the things we love, but we just can't share you' we want you to ourselves." Leon steps forward but is pulled back by Noel.

"So please, pick one of us!" They both say in unison, they stepped back and each held out their hands. My heart throbbed, my hand clutched my chest, what was wrong with me? I looked at the scene from above, Sophie walked towards the two and took both their hands.

"I can teach you. I can teach you how to share me! I can't just choose one of you! I don't want to hurt either of you!" Sophie puts their hands together and hugs them, I look at their faces. They looked at each other and then at me, a face that really said 'what the hell!'

"We'll if you can't choose, we can't have you," Noel says.

"Please understand, this is you fault, we warned you. Now take responisblity!" Leon yells, and as if in slow motion I watch them pick her up and throw her, and she saw me sitting there. Watching the whole scene, watching her face scrunch together into a feared look. Hearing her scream as she plummeted down 4 stories; I jumped off and ran over to the ledge she was thrown over to see the twins holding Sophie, who is still screaming. She was a couple feet of the ground and when I nod she would only be dropped from that height.

I nod my head, but instead of dropping her where they were, they went over to a puddle and dropped her there. She looked up, first at them then at me, and I noticed that fear has entered her body. I know that whenever someone say Cheryl of perhaps even Cherry, she'll shake in fear. I turned around and walked to class with the twins instantly by my side, I told them, "Nice acting, better than Sophie's!' I put my arms around them, what a nice pair of boys! For once, I smiled whole heartedly.
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