Become Spontaneous

Cheryl (Cherry) Prescott is a quiet girl on the outside but is really a very sly and violent girl. Bored of her same routines, she unexpectedly meets two boys who teach her how to rule the world!


1. It's Boring...

"Cherry, please come up and solve this equation," it's boring, he's a pedophile... I walked up to the front of the room and before I could walk half way, I felt myself falling. It was one of those falls where it feels like it's in slow motion.


Snickers filled the class room, they should be in hell...


"Very good, you can go back now." He patted my butt, he's stupid and disgusting...


Everyday it's always the same; same stupid teachers, same bullies, same pranks, same EVERYTHING. If only I could afford to punch that math teacher. If only I could afford to bring a goddamn gun to this school and shoot down every living being who don't even act like humans... no, humans are cruel.

At home is no different from school; my parents, they abuse me. If only I were old enough to support myself, hell I think I'm supporting my whole family, not just myself. However running away won't do any good, they know where I am. They chipped me. I will never escape not from them, not from this boring hell. If only, If only...


"Class, today we have two new students that will be joining us, treat them well," a surprise? Finally? Not one but TWO?! The girls gasp in delight as two boys walk in and they look exactly like each other.

"My name is Noel Cramer..." the one on the right say with a smile.

"My name is Leon Cramer..." the other does the same.

Both, grinning very wide, says "We're twins, take care of us!" Squeals of excitement escape from girl's mouths, is my boring routine finally over?




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