Give me love

I was 15 when my bestfriend was murdered. She was the same age as me. After that day i didnt believe anything good could happen to me. Only because the worst things in life come free to us. After she died i stopped talking to alot of people. I needed to find love, soon my happy ending will come. Or i'll just have nothing but myself left.


1. Before she died

Before anything, before she was killed, before my depression, before everything i had was gone.

I walked into Kam's room. As i walked further in i saw her and her boyfriend snuggling together. "Hey cuties, how's life?" Of course me i haven't even had my first kiss, one boyfriend but i was dared to ask him out. So i counted that as zero. "Oh hey gavy!" I sat on the corner of the bed admiring something i never had. "Why do you call gabby, gavy? Sounds like gravy!" Of course harry would say something like that. He was a funny guy, that hung out with such beautiful boys.

Kam ignored Harry's question and kept going with are conversation. "So do you think he'll ask you out?" I looked at her with a stale face. Harry was my best friend but i mean, he was friends with my crush, or even my love. I was very secret with boys, but of course harry knew me so well. I didnt have to tell him, for him to know my crush. "Are you girlies talking about Niall?" HOW DID HE DO THAT? I tried not to show emotion but it wasnt possible for me. I was gonna crack soon. Instead of looking shocked i laughed. "PSHT, what, no. Whos niall?" Harry gave me a cheeky look. He cracked me, as i started to blush. Kam was laughing and poking my cheeks.

I got off of the bed and folded my arms tapping me left leg. This conversation was going no where good. "Harry please dont say anything? You know how i am with boys, plus i would probably scare them away with my loo-" before i could finish it kam slapped me in the face. I felt the sting as i look at kam i punched her shoulder "What was that for?" I said. "Gavy, your beautiful why dont you see that?" I sat back down on the bed but more in the middle. If you looked at me then at kam, of course you would have to say kam was the most beautiful girl compared to me. To avoid this conversation i stared out the window, i heard boys mumbling and got up to my feet towards the window. It was his friends. I looked at them and then at Harry at the boys then back at Kam. They both ran towards the window to look, "NIALL MY DUDE!" harry yelled from the window, i face palmed and stared at Harry. Niall told us to come outside, so we all ran down the stairs. I took off my ugly outfit and put something of Kam's. I put on black leggings and a plaid shirt, over with a tight jean jacket then Honey brown uggs. I put my ginger hair into a nice bun. i ran down the stairs and headed outside "Good Day Lads" 

We all had different accents. Mine was Scottish, Kam's was British and so were everyone elses but Nialls, he had a cute thick irish accent. I sat on the porch admiring him. He had a cute ice blonde hair color and his eyes were something i can stare at for a million years. By the middle of the whole hanging outside we began to know each other very well. So we became friends since that day.

No one noticed but me that someone was watching us. A guy houses away was eyeing us, like we were on his lawn of something. I called harry over scared, he looked scared only because i was looking scared and at something "Gab, whats wrong, are you okay?" i didn't wanna be rude so i stared at harry then back at the direction where the man was staring. Harry got what i was trying to say and stared, he looked at me and giggled "Gab, thats Kam's close neighbors, nothings wrong. Now come on hang with niall if you wanna date him get to know him!" He pushed me into niall and we fell. Harry ran towards Kam and acted like he did nothing, He was gonna get it. 

I'm  so sorry. Was all i can say. I kept brushing of the leaves on his shirt and pants, some that was on his hair and apologizing. He stood up and helped me on my feet. "Hey its okay. Are you okay?" i looked at the floor and blushed, i nodded my head not picking up my head. The rest of the day we watched movies and ate popcorn and talked. I had a feeling something great was happening. 

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