Toy Story 4 (Liam Payne)

Well... emmm... I know this is weird but i was seeing Toy Story 3 so i get this idea soo...emmm.. i will just write it i know it´s sounds weird but i tell to a frienda my idea and she wel.. kinda like it and tell me to write it so here it goes....

"Mom Who is he?" I asked haven´t seeing him in my life well i was only four
My mother turns from what ever she was doing and said:
"OH! ANDY! I haven´t see you in years!"
"Yeah I know!" he reply to my mother
"I hear you were gooing to the university" my mom said
"Yeah!" he exlamites "But before I was going I wanted to pass here and give Liam some speciall toys" the guy who seems is andy said
"Oh! Really!" I said to him
"Yeah" he said "Here they are!" and give me a really big big box
"Well...emm... I will leave you I need to go" he said
"How do you need to say Liam?" my mom asked me
"Thanks!" i said
And Andy goes in his car....


1. Chapter 1

(A/N: Before anything I will warm U because I don´t think that I have a good level of English well.. I have a good level but I think that isn´t enough for writting a weird novel in english well here i leave u chapter 1)

Chapter 1:

Liam´s POV

It have being 10 years since Andy give me the toys. I like them a lot, they where like my BFs because i don´t have any friends at school and I was bullied. Well getting back I was thinking about Andy the toy i liked most was Woody I adore him. He was my real friend since I have it, I give him all my secrets. I still have them all but I haven´t play with them a long time ago well because "I was to old to play with dolls" as my mom says but I don´t think so. Well today I´m going Where? To TX-F yeah i dream on going there. 

"Hun is time to go" my mom yelled from the car

"Yeah!" I replied "I´m going in a minute"

"Ok! Hurry up! We are late!" my mom said again

"Ok Just a minute!" I yelled back

"Well... I will miss u guys" I said to my toys yeah I know is weird and childish to talk to my dolls but well... I like talking to them

"Good-bye" I waved and go out of my room after saying "I will miss u"

Woody´s POV

"Liam...." no he is going the same story before with Andy and now with Liam. He was another very very good guy as Andy

"NOOO!! HE´S GOING NO ANOTHER TIME PLEASE PLEASE!!!" Jessie scream she was reading my mind

"Don´t worry it will work out" Buzz said to Jessie may say that this 2 lovebirds have been dating for a couple of years ago I am happy about them but they are some times to uhm... Lovely? Maybe? Well I don´t know maybe I am jealous that Buzz can have a girl and mine girl was been in another part and almost she can have another life or almost died or broke i don´t know the only thing I know I steal love Betty.

(A/N: Yeah I know is weird and make no scence but well... sorry abuot spelling and all that Love U All!!)

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