I'm just like you, your just like me, so why can't anybody see, im not that fat, im not that skinny, im not that ugly, im not that pretty, but i'm human, not a stress ball, I can't take anymore...If only I could disapear...


5. UH OH

"Hey babe" he said with his evil grin. "What the fuck do you want I thought I made it clear that were threw when I made you go to jail" "Oh baby don't be like that" "Aren't you supposed to be in jail" "No shit" "OK Conner what the fuck are you doing here" "I came to take my baby girl back" "I'm not your damn baby girl anymore, remeber I found you making out with Lexi, then you came home and beat me" "Baby that's in the past and we need to have a future-" He grabbed my arm"- remeber all those good times, the beach, late night trouble, you used to be so much fun" "You used to be so stupid, I guess you haven't changed" "Shutup bitch" "I wonder why I ever dumped you" I said sarcasticly. "Comeon babe" "Get your filthy hands off me" "Sorry bitch but your coming with me" he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder like dead meat. "LET ME GO" He grabbed sometrapper and tapped my arms and mouth opened the door. I kicked but he had a strong grip "HELP" "PUT HER DOWN" I looked over and there was standing Jake. "JAKE RUN, RUN AND DONT LOOK BACK" "No"

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