I'm just like you, your just like me, so why can't anybody see, im not that fat, im not that skinny, im not that ugly, im not that pretty, but i'm human, not a stress ball, I can't take anymore...If only I could disapear...


6. the darkness

He felt hazzy, as a warm cloth was applied to my face,my vision turned blurry, I could feel myself falling asleep fast. It must be a drugged cloth. "r-runnnnn jakkkke" I said barely able to talk. I slowely closed my eyes.

I awoke in my room. Safe and sound? What happened? Last thing I remeber was being thrown over a shoulder by conner.....and then yelling at jake to run.....JAKE......where is he.....what happened... I sat up suprinsingly faster than I thought and instantly got a headache. I waited as it faded. "What am I going to do" I thought aloud....I hate when I do that! Something caught the corner of my eye. It was a slip of paper addressed to...me? I slowely opened the envelope, scared what it would be, automatically a sent filled they are as I ripped open the top, I reconized it, it smelt ike the drugged cloth Conner put over my mouth. I slowely reached in and pulled out asmall letter that read

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