I'm just like you, your just like me, so why can't anybody see, im not that fat, im not that skinny, im not that ugly, im not that pretty, but i'm human, not a stress ball, I can't take anymore...If only I could disapear...


4. Surprise, Suprise....

I sat up. I could feel my tears drying on my face. My hair tangly. I slowely and carefully got up. My legs were shaking... How long was I in my closet.... probley only 10 minutes.... let me check my iphone.... CRAP.....I have been in my closet for 1 hour......SHIT....I must of fell asleep!........I am not going to school......WAIT....I don't have to.... my mom probly woke up and though I was already at school! And now she's at work! I DONT HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL! I couldnt go to school and see Jake...I know exactly what he would say: "Hey Abbey can I talk to you" I would say "No not right now I have to get to class" "No it's ok you can be late" "No I cant Jake" "Just listen" and he would find away to make me late. I know him so well. I walk down stairs and into the kitchen where the light was on...Mom would never leave without turning the lights off, and she's certainly gone.... SWCH it sounded like plastic rustling in the living room. SHIT THERE'S SOMEONE IN MY HOUSE. I ran up staired and crowtched down next to my bed and grabbed the baseball bat I kept under it. I slowely walked down the stairs and krept towards the living room......1.......2.......3! I ran out and started swinging the bat I hit something I opened my eyes to find SHIT NO NO NOT HIM ANYONE BUT HIM.....SHIT..."HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING HELP ME!!!!!!" The smirk on his face grew.

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