I'm just like you, your just like me, so why can't anybody see, im not that fat, im not that skinny, im not that ugly, im not that pretty, but i'm human, not a stress ball, I can't take anymore...If only I could disapear...


2. Good morning suprise

         What a great way to start the day, getting up and realising you accedently set your alarm clock for 5:00am instead of 7:00am then tripping down the stairs and landing on your ass, oh mornings! I walked the rest of the way to the kitchen and grabbed a apple. "AHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed, there was a spider sitting on the apple, I ran, opened the window and chucked the apple out, "Owww hey!" I then realised I had through my apple at my bestfriend who was outside grabbing his mail. "HAHAHA" I fell over laughing, "sorry" I said in between laughs. "Sure" He said holding back a smile that I knew he couldn't resist! I loved him, but in a best friend way! I ran up stairs and opened my window he did the same. Oh and if you couldnt tell my B.F.F Jake was my neighbor, and out houses were alot simaler, our windows were 3 feet away from eachother, he then slid a board from my window to his and he said "Ok this beam can hold your fatness so just walk across it!" "Wow best friend I have" I said smiling I then slowely crawled out my window on to the board, I felt the cool morning mist on my face, seeping through my warm P.J pants and up my white tanktop. A shiver ran down my back as a water droplet dripped into my messy bun. I slowely crawled across the beam into his black and white room, "SHIT" I said as I almost fell backwards onto the cement. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in. this was our daily routine, I would crawl across the beam into his room and into his bathroom where in a bin was my makeup and hair products. I put on some concealer, thin eyeliner, mascara, and foundation, I then starightened my long blonde hair, and walked out "SHIT SORRY" I said as I realised he was only in his boxers, "It's ok you do that every morning, I think your starting to try to" He said with a smirk,   "Why would I want to see .......that" I said and jestured to his entire body and face. "why wouldn't you" He said with a smirk I smiled, he stepped closer, what was he doing, he grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes, "Abbey....I need to tell you something" He wispered in my ear, my entire body froze, what was happening. "I love you"  "I love you too-" I said with a confused look,"- I mean were bestfriends" I said with a smile. "But maybe..." he said with a scared look "We can be.... more.... then friends..?". "what?" I said confused, what was happening, I couldn't think. I slowely backed up into the window crawled out and into my room. Locked the window behing me and walkd into my walk-in-closet and shut the door, backed up into the wall, my knees went week, I collapsed and cryed, and cryed, and cryed. My emotions were everywhere! I looked to my left there was the knife, the knife that changed me...

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